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Week of February 25

posted Feb 25, 2013, 9:46 AM by Sue Giles
Giles/Deyoung social studies:
Monday:  Read Ch. 8/Sec. 2  HW:  Study Guide #14-17, vocab box #5
Tuesday:  Cause and Effect Chart  HW:  Greece test 3/5  review vocab.
Wednesday:  Read Ch. 8/Sec. 3 & do Greek Contributions chart  HW:  vocab. box #6
Thursday:  Finish Greek Contributions chart  HW:  Study Guide #18-19
Friday:  Ch. 8 review game  HW:  review for test 3/5
Monday:  Read DragonKeeper Ch. 24  HW:  Journal #10 and crossword, Dragon Keeper test Wed.
Tuesday:  Book Talk in LMC  HW:  Dragon Keeper test Wed.- review notes and quizzes
Wednesday:  Dragon Keeper test, get genre book  HW:  read genre book
Thursday:  Read genre book  HW:  read
Friday:  Read genre book  HW:  read
Language Arts:
Monday:  Read Hercules' Labors Pt. 1-2  HW:  Choice Journal #5
Tuesday:  Study Hall
Wednesday:  Read Hercules's Labors Pt. 3  HW:  Choice Journal #5
Thursday:  Read Trojan War Pt. 1-2
Friday:  Read Trojan War Pt. 3-4