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Week of February 17

posted Feb 18, 2014, 8:03 AM by Sue Giles
social studies Giles/DeYoung
Monday:  no school
Tuesday:  Discuss Persian War/write persuasive letter  HW:  finish letter & Study Guide #11-13
Wednesday:  Merchant of Venice Play
Thursday:  Share letters   HW:  vocab box #5
Friday:  Review game for Ch. 7 (test will be after Ch. 8)
Language Arts
Monday:  no school
Tuesday:  Read Dragon Keeper Ch 16-17  HW:  Dragon Keeper journal #6 and Illustration
Wednesday:  Merchant of Venice  HW:  Dragon Keeper illustration due Friday
Thursday:  Read Dragon Keeper Ch 18  HW: DK illustration due Friday
Friday:  Dragon Keeper Ch 19 and journal #7
Monday:  no school
Tuesday:  Read Merchant of Venice and read choice book  HW:  30 min read
Wednesday:  Merchant of Venice  HW:  30 min read
Thursday:   Read Greek Myths  HW:  30 min read and get reading log signed
Friday:  Read Greek Myths  HW:  30 min read (Choice Book Activity #3 due 2/26)