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Week of December 9

posted Dec 9, 2013, 8:38 AM by Sue Giles
Social studies:
Monday:  Review Sec. 4, discuss Take-home test due Friday  HW:  work on take home test
Tuesday:  work on take home test, review for Sec 3-4 Quiz on Wed.  HW:  take home test and vocab box #5
Wednesday:  Sec. 3-4 quiz,  HW:  vocab box #6 and take home test
Thursday:  Mummy's message  HW:  take home test due Friday
Friday:  finish Mummy's message  HW:  none
Monday:  Read Choice Book/reading strategies  HW:  Choice Book Activity #3 due Thursday/Reading Log
Tuesday:  Study Hall  HW: Choice Book Activity #3 due Thursday/Reading Log
Wednesday:  Start class book  HW:  Choice Book Activity #3 due Thursday/Reading Log
Thursday:  Class Book  HW:  Reading Log signed for Friday
Friday:  Class Book/Historical Fiction books  HW:  Reading Log
Language Arts:
Monday:  Write Realistic Fiction Story  HW:  Journal
Tuesday:  Write realistic Fiction Story  HW:  Journal/Finish RF story
Wednesday:  Discuss Research Paper topics  HW:  Journal
Thursday:  Book Talk-Historical Fiction  HW:  Journal
Friday:  start research on topics  HW:  Journal