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Week of December 16

posted Dec 16, 2013, 8:08 AM by Sue Giles
Giles/DeYoung social studies
Monday:  Intro Ancient China  HW:  vocab box #1
Tuesday:  Read Geography of China p. 147-148  HW:  vocab box #2
Wednesday:  Read p. 149-151 and charts  HW:  finish Shang/Zhou charts
Thursday:  Read p. 153-157 and philosophies chart  HW:  vocab box #3
Friday:  Philosophies Activity  HW:  none
Language arts
Monday:  Research for Egypt paper  HW:  journal
Tuesday:  Research for Egypt paper  HW:  journal
Wednesday:  Research for Egypt paper  HW:  journal
Thursday: Research for Egypt paper  HW:  journal
Friday:  Research for Egypt paper  HW:  journal 
Monday:  Research for Historical Fiction era  HW: Reading Log
Tuesday:  Research for Historical Fiction era  HW: Reading Log
Wednesday:  Read Dragon Keeper  HW:  Reading Log
Thursday:  Read Dragon Keeper  HW:  Reading Log
Friday:  Read Dragon Keeper  HW:  Read Historical Fiction book over break