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Week of April 25

posted Apr 24, 2016, 5:02 PM by Sue Giles
Social Studies
Monday: Read and discuss the Olmecs and Mayans p. 369-371
HW: none
Tuesday: Read and highlight Mayan King article- discuss
HW: none
Wednesday: Read and discuss the Aztecs p. 372-373/Chinampas web activity
        HW: none
Thursday: Video on the Aztecs/map work
        HW: finish map work
Friday: Read and discuss the Incas p. 374/
HW: none

Literacy- Giles
Monday: start Persuasive Essay unit/work on Word Meaning reading activity
             HW: Read 30 min/Journal #4 due Friday
Tuesday: Read Debate articles and take notes/Begin reading Activism articles for group
                  HW: Read 30 min/Journal #4 due Friday/finish debate articles
Wednesday: Supporting arguments with reasons activity/Continue reading Activism articles
               HW: Read 30 min/Journal #4 due Friday
Thursday: Finding Ideas activity/Organizing facts from Activism articles
          HW:  Read 30 min/Journal #4 due Friday
Friday:   More on Generating Ideas/Work in Activism group to summarize information
             HW:  Read 30 min/day