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Week of April 20

posted Apr 21, 2015, 8:24 AM by Sue Giles
social studies Giles/DeYoung
Monday: start American Civilizations unit  Read p. 360-367  HW:  vocab box #1 & Mesoamerica Map
Tuesday:  Study Hall
Wednesday:  work on Aztec and Inca maps  HW:  study guide #4-7
Thursday:  work on Geography venn diagram  HW:  vocab box #2
Friday:  Drawing conclusion activity/Read Olmecs p. 369  HW:  Study guide #8
Monday:  Catherine October discussion questions/start poetry unit  HW:  Read 30 min./CBA #2 due 4/27
Tuesday:  Read Catherine November/Read book for CBA #2  HW:  Read 30 min./CBA #2 due 4/27
Wednesday:  Catherine Sept-Nov quiz/Generate ideas for poems  HW:  Read 30 min./CBA #2 due 4/27/review for Catherine quiz
Thursday:  Start reading Catherine Dec./Read book for CBA #2  HW:  Read 30 min./CBA #2 due 4/27/BOOKMARK SIGNATURE
Friday: Finish Catherine Dec./discussion questions/work on poetry HW:  
Read 30 min./CBA #2 due 4/27