What to do if your child is sick:

-Call the attendance line 829-9050 as soon as possible.

-Go to our Team 6R website to see what activities were missed for each class that day.

What to do if my child has to leave for an appointment during the day:

-Call the attendance line, 829-9050, with the time that you will be picking up your child.

-Please do not call or email us in order to get them released.  We will be teaching and not checking our messages until afterward so we may not know about the appointment until it's too late.

-Sign your child out at the front office before leaving.

What to do if your child comes to school late:

-Call the attendance line, 829-9050, to say your child will be late.

-Have your child check into the office before going to class.

What to do if you have a pre-planned extended absence (more than two days):

-Pick up a vacation form from the front office or print from here and have your child bring it to 
each teacher to sign.

-Sign the form yourself and turn back in to the office before you leave.

-Check the website for missed activities.
What to do if you have questions or problems with the Campus Portal:
-Call the district hotline at 829-9600.
-Hotline is open weekdays from 7:30-4:00.