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Week of 10/15

posted Oct 15, 2012, 12:27 PM by Bill Luebke   [ updated Oct 15, 2012, 12:28 PM ]
Social Studies Homework
Monday:Vocabulary Box #4
Tuesday: GREAT no additional Homework
Wednesday: Study Lessons 1-2 worksheets for game on Thursday
Thursday: 5 total Vocabulary Boxes
Friday: Study Vocabulary

This week I will trying something a little different. Homework is optional but students will be doing 1 or 2 of the problems at the start of the class period. Students are encourage to look at the problems and attempt them if they are unsure. Each night the Review Preview part of the lesson will be homework.
Monday: 2.2.3
Tuesday: 2.3.1
Wednesday: 2.3.2
Thursday: 2.3.3
Friday: 2.3.4

Monday: Enrichment Day - No Homework
Tuesday: Enrichment Day - Check to see if 2.2.1 is finished
Wednesday:2.2.2 #'s 51-55
Thursday: 2.2.3 #'s 62-66
Friday: 2.2.4 #'s 79-84