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Yahara River Writers Contest 
Top Ten Workshop and Awards Event
Congratulations to the following students who placed in the top 10 for the Yahara River Writers Contest and attended a special ceremony at the Union South on the UW-Madison Campus on Tuesday, May 9th. These students wrote poems, short stories, editorials or created cartoons or other art work for divider pages. This contest includes thousands of students from all over southern Wisconsin.

5Genevieve EckGCMS
5Kaitlin HaagGCMS
6Abdul-Jaleel ZainobaGCMS
6Mikaela RothGCMS
6Emerson SchoenkeGCMS
6Oliver EhrhardtGCMS
6Sydney MeicherGCMS
5Braxton WildGCMS
6Sarah Ann HuberGCMS
8Lily NoakGCMS
7Talia DolinKMS
8Lynnea ColbertKMS
8Sam EggertKMS
8Rachel RyanKMS
8Amanda TungKMS
8Hank RiterKMS
7Gus McDonoughKMS
7Ashwika ChavanKMS
8Torii HaneyKMS

Special thanks to teachers Jen Sadkovich, Amy Weber, Marilyn Sharrow, Melanie Chanos, Carrie Murphy,  Diane Boles & Emily Stousland for helping with this event and to all the district literacy teachers who encourage students to create submissions for this contest.  Congratulations students!

Middle School Fine Arts Nights

The literary magazines for both Glacier Creek and Kromrey have been sent to print and invitations have gone out for all published students who are invited to each school's Fine Arts Nights.  
These special events will be held on 

Monday, May 22, 2017
at the Performing Arts Center
at Middleton High School.

Kromrey's event starts at 6:00 p.m.
Glacier Creek's event starts at 7:30 p.m.

Published students should try to arrive a few minutes early to check in and pick up their copy of the magazine.
These evening events will include chorus performances and a celebration of student writing and art. 

The 8th grade editors have had a leadership role in helping to promote and publish these magazines.  
Special thanks to the following 8th grade students:

The Gallery staff at Kromrey includes:
Olivia Andrews
Felicity Arrington
Alex Ashley
Zoe Barmore
Sylvie Bishop
Jeremy Cho
Aidan Cole
Abigail Evans
Emily Fisher
Lauren Fitzgerald
Amaya Gallay
Guyan Gibson
Annika Hallquist
Faranak Hematti
David Jiang
Amber Kaplan
Brett Krenke
Ava Jambor
Amanda Johnson
Gabie Lund
Marli Matthews-Lund
Akshita Pattnaik
Namita Nair
Morgane Nguyen
Rachel Ryan
Anna Santschi
Carly Schiff
Elizabeth Schink
Katie Shaffer
Mia Thompson
Ashley Tung
Vivian Wagner
Annie Warriner
Althea Wincek
Madison Xiao

In Black & White staff at Glacier Creek includes:

Vashima Ahuja
Alex Basel
Emily Bernd
Ian Bogner
Ellie Buza
Erin Caldwell
Aeowyn Duerkop
Cole Ferguson
Leona Frinzi
Maria Go 
Jenna Greenheck
Rose Giefer
Olivia Hebert
Anezka Helmers
Bridget Holahan
Alexandra Holthaus
McKenzie Johns
Manase Karanth
Mei Mei Keohane
Alex LaCour
Norah Martin
Zinnia Nie
Annabelle Olmsted
Nick Paige
Lauren Poehling
Poojha Prabaharasundar
Isabel Prohaska
Rithika Puli
Abby Shimniok
Charles Wood
Sydney Yosick
Michael Zeimentz

For a complete list of published authors and artists from each school, please view these documents:

Future Problem Solvers State Bowl 
April 27-29, 2017

This year 83 students from Glacier Creek, Kromrey and Middleton High School qualified and attended the Future Problem Solvers State Bowl which was held on April 27-29 at the Green Lake Conference Center in Green Lake, WI.  All of the students did a great job participating in the many activities.  The following students placed in these events.

Problem Solving Competition:

Middle Division (Grades 7-9)
Kromrey 8th graders Trevor Chau, Jonah Guse, Henry Seiden and Ivan Cermak placed 4th.
Kromrey 8th grader Nikki Yu placed 4th individually.
Middleton High School 9th grader Maylynn Hu placed 2nd and has qualified to attend the International FPS Conference.

Senior Division (Grades 10-12)
Middleton High School 11th graders Kirstin Yu, Athena Olszewski, Thorne Powers and Blake Gallay placed 3rd and have qualified for the International Conference.
Middleton High School 11th grader Charlotte Sue placed 3rd and qualified for the International Conference.

Scenario Writing Competition:

Kirstin Yu's scenario placed 1st in the senior division.
All of our Kromrey scenario writers who attended placed in the scenario team writing event:
Daphne Wu, Abby Evans and Amaya Gallay's team placed 1st.
Ava Clark and Mia Thompson's team placed 2nd.
Sam Eggert, Faranak Hematti and Yale Huang's team placed 3rd.
Kromrey 8th grader, Mia Thompson was named best scenario writer overall at the State Bowl.

Skit Competition:

Junior Division (Grades 4-6)
Kromrey 6th graders Naiya Rajpal, Isabel Gallay, Varsha Gouraram and Maddie Goscha placed 2nd

Middle Division (Grades 7-9)
Glacier Creek 8th graders Ian Bohachek, Ben Smith, Edwin Zhang and Michael Zeimentz placed 1st.
Kromrey 8th graders Abby Evans, Yale Huang, Sam Eggert, Faranak Hematti and Mia Thompson placed 3rd. 

Banner Competition:

The banner created by Kromrey 7th graders Warren Shepard, Luca Galassi, Ryan Inman and Stephen Paulsen placed 2nd.

Special thanks to the parent chaperones who helped to make this a fun and special event for the students - Serena Yu & Charles Yu, Jean Yosick, Stacey Bohachek, Janet Legare, Laurie Goscha, Maria Nygard, Kari Eggert, Chantel Greenberg, Kevin Gonter, Brian Shaw, Denise Taylor, Min Wan, Nibedita Pattnaik, Suzanna Chau, Leilani Durand, Tif Calder, Betsy Bush, Mary Jorgensen & Silvia Onetti.

Future Problem Solving is coached by Ruth Frawley for Glacier Creek & Kromrey's middle teams, Julie Rozanski at Kromrey with the junior teams and John Niesen at Middleton High School.
Regional Math Meet Results

Forty-eight district 5th - 8th graders had a chance to participate in the Regional Math Meets this month with teams from Madison, Sun Prairie and Verona.
On Tuesday, April 18 at the 5th and 6th grade meet, one district team place 2nd, and qualified to attend the Mega Math Meet to be held on Thursday, May 18 at UW-Madison.  This team includes Grace Wu, Nathan Kwon, Nicholas Olson, Ian Lam, Krish Parikh, Aaron Dunk, Dhruv Prakash and Caleb Sanders.  Krish Parikh also placed 3rd individually.

At the 7th/8th Meet on Wednesday, a district came in 1st place and will move on to their Mega Meet on Tuesday, May 23 at Madison College (MATC).  Students on this team are Harsha Chilakapati, Aarush Jain, Mia Burkholder, Franklin Hu, Samantha Burkard, Ian Bohacheck, Zinnia Nie and Akshita Pattnaik.  Three of our students placed individually in the meet - Aarush Jain placed 5th, Hansen Jin placed 4th and Jonah Guse placed 1st in the meet overall!

Special thanks to teachers Matt Hayden, Brian Stubbe, Jay Larson, Amy Weber, Sonja Hungness and Sue Brumm for helping out with these meets to all the math teachers who work to challenge students every day!
Academic Summer Opportunities

We know that this time of year, many parents and kids are looking for ideas for summer programs.  To see a large list of programming options, please check on the following document:


Congratulations to ....
Kromrey 7th grader, Hansen Jin - who placed 2nd in the State Geo Bee
Glacier Creek 8th grader, Ian Bohacheck - who placed 3rd in the State Geo Bee

Glacier Creek 7th grader, Varun Gupta who participated in the State Spelling Bee

Future Problem Solvers State Bowl
The Wisconsin Future Problem Solving Program will hold its 37th annual State Bowl in Green Lake from April 27-29, 2017. Over 300 fourth through twelfth graders from around the state will participate in the Global Issues Problem Solving competition at the State Bowl. Working in teams of four or as individuals, students will analyze the challenges and develop solution ideas for a situation set in a fictional future and related to the global topic of Identity Theft.  Additionally some students wrote "Scenarios" - these are short stories set in the future that are based on one of the topics.  Eight district scenario writers were invited to attend the State Bowl as well.
Congratulations to the following students who have qualified for the State FPS Bowl:
Erin Gonter, Amalia Morner , Elaina Jones, Lydia Hanson, Stephen Paulsen,  Avery Smith, Luca Galassi , Ryan Inman, Lauren Halterman, Aidan Cole,  Akshita Pattnaik , Jeremy Cho,  Kshitji Shirule , Trevor Chau, Jonah Guse, Henry Seiden, Sophie Taylor, Vivian Wagner, Sylvie Bishop, Lexi Spevacek, Nikki Yu, Warren Shepard, Ivan Cermak, Ava Clark, Samuel Eggert, Abigail Evans, Amaya Gallay, Faranak Hematti, Yale Huang, Ella Hursh, Mia Thompson, Daphne Wu, Sydney Compton, Sydney Greenburg, Abby Schroeder, Maddy Ancheta, Anya Shaw, Zaki Siraj, Claire Mozgawa, Hannah Nygard, Gus Balasubramaniam , William Boettinger, Reed Madden, Joshua Chen, Isabel Garay, Naiya Rajpal, Maddie Goscha, Varsha Gouraram
Glacier Creek
Vashima Ahuja, Lauren Poehling, Poojha Prabaharasundar, Sydney Yosick, Ben Smith, Edwin Zhang, Michael Zeimentz, Ian Bohachek, Sophia Jorgensen, Monroe Durand, Will Bush, Emre Gunay, Lauren Lamson, Keira Calder, Jahnvi Datta, Sarah Ann Huber, Olivia Pan, Gabi Tabone, Ifra Buhari, Anoushka Kuckreja, Srija Katukam
Middleton High School
Bryson Bauer, Nicholas Spevachek, Sam Jaeger, Nicholas DeOliveira, Grace Chen, Noah Pollard, Leta Landucci, Eleanor Mackey, Athena Olszewski, Thorne Powers, Blake Gallay, Kirstin Yu, Egan Johnson, Sean Zhang, Elena Sacchetti, Ella Roach, Charlotte Sue, Natalie Asmus, Andrew Kruck, Natasha Kinne, Maylynn Hu

Global Issues Problem Solving, a component of the Future Problem Solving Program International, is a year-long educational program in which students learn a six-step problem solving process and apply it to future situations in three practice topics they have researched. The practice topics this year were Educational Disparities, Genetic Engineering and 3-D Printing. The goals of the program are to encourage students to become more creative in their thinking, to develop richer images of the future, to increase their research skills, to learn cooperative teamwork skills, and to increase their written and verbal communication skills.
At the State Bowl, Global Issues Problem Solvers will brainstorm 16 challenges, an underlying problem, and 16 solutions for a future situation. They will also develop criteria to use in selecting the best solution, and write an action plan for implementing it. This written team effort is completed in a two-hour time frame.  In addition, students will plan and present four-minute presentations to introduce their best solution action plan to an audience.
Congratulations to.....

Kromrey and Glacier Creek MATHCOUNTS Teams advanced to the State Tournament on Saturday, March 4 in Sheboygan.  Kromrey's team placed 2nd in the state and Glacier Creek placed 4th.  Congratulations to team members:

Jonah Guse - also placed 7th individually
Hansen Jin - also placed 9th individually
Sanjay Suresh
Franklin Hu

Glacier Creek:  
Ian Bohachek
Samantha Burkard
Siddharta Roy
Edwin Zhang
Special thanks to parent coaches, Abigail Ochberg, Monica Gupta and Oh Hoon Kwon for all their work to help prepare these students. 
Yahara River Writing Contest Winners!
Congratulations to the following 20 middle school students whose work has been selected by the Yahara River Writers Contest.  These students placed in the top 10 for poetry, short story, editorial or cartoon.  This contest includes thousands of students from all over southern Wisconsin.  They will be invited to attend the Top 10 Writers Workshop and Awards Ceremony on Tuesday, May 9 at the Union South on the UW-Madison campus.

E5Genevieve EckGCMs
E5Kaitlin HaagGCMS
E6Abdul-Jaleel ZainobaGCMS
E6Mikaela RothGCMS
C7Lindsay GilgeGCMS
C7Talia DolinKMS
C6Emerson SchoenkeGCMS
C6Oliver EhrhardtGCMS
C6Sydney MeicherGCMS
C8Lynnea ColbertKMS
C8Sam EggertKMS
C8Rachel RyanKMS
C8Amanda TungKMS
C8Hank RiterKMS
C5Braxton WildGCMS
Cartoon7Gus McDonoughKMS
Poetry7Ashwika CharvanKMS
P6Sarah Ann HuberGCMS
P8Lily NoakGCMS
P8Torii Snortum HaneyKMS

District Math Meet Results

Congratulations to 240 students who participated in the District Math Meet this week at the Hilton Garden Inn on Tuesday and Wednesday!  The following students have qualified to move on to the Regional Meet to be held in Sun Prairie with teams from Madison, Verona and Sun Prairie. 

5th Grade
1st Place - Grace Wu - KMS
2nd Place - Nathan Kwon - GCMS
3rd Place - Nicholas Olson - GCMS
4th Place - Ian Lam - GCMS
5th Place - Roddy McLellan - KMS
6th Place - Ruth Nelson - GCMS
7th Place - Isha Chilukuri - KMS
8th Place - Juliette Mandelbrot - GCMS
9th Place - Thea Rowling - KMS
10th Place - Miles Wagener - KMS
11th Place - Eric Ma - GCMS
12th Place - Gabi Tabone - GCMS
1st Alternate - Elliot Staresinic - KMS
2nd Alternate - Keena Cheng - KMS

6th Grade
1st Place - Krish Parikh - KMS
2nd Place - Aaron Dunk - KMS
3rd Place - Dhruv Prakash - GCMS
4th Place - Caleb Sanders - GCMS
5th Place - Lauren Li - KMS
6th Place - Zaki Siraj - KMS
7th Place - Flynn Ewer - KMS
8th Place - Natalie Charles - KMS
9th Place - Aarush Gupta - GCMS
10th Place - Olivia Pan - GCMS
11th Place - Theo Wolf - KMS
12th Place - Ellen Zhou - KMS
1st Alternate -Riley Johnson- KMS
2nd Alternate -Joshua Chen - KMS
These students will travel to the Regional Math Meet on Tuesday, April 18th.

7th Grade
1st Place - Hansen Jin - KMS
2nd Place - Sam Gustafson - KMS
3rd Place - Sanjay Suresh - KMS
4th Place -Mihir Manna - GCMS
5th Place -Harsha Chilakapati - GCMS
6th Place -Aarush Jain - KMS
7th Place - Mia Burkholder - GCMS
8th Place -Franklin Hu - KMS
9th Place -Daphne Wu - KMS
10th Place -David Ma - KMS
11th Place -Annabelle Reppen - GCMS
12th Place -Katie Bouril - GCMS
1st Alternate -Varun Gupta - GCMS
2nd Alternate -Aviral Srivastava- GCMS

8th Grade
1st Place - Jonah Guse - KMS
2nd Place - Edwin Zhang - GCMS
3rd Place - Yale Huang - KMS
4th Place - Zach Yosick - GCMS
5th Place - Samantha Burkard - GCMS
6th Place - Ian Bohachek  - GCMS
7th Place - Zinnia Nie - GCMS
8th Place - Akshita Pattnaik - KMS
9th Place - Gene Kim - KMS
10th Place - Erin Tankersley - KMS
11th Place - Callie Whitehead - GCMS
12th Place - Faranak Hematti - KMS
1st Alternate -Yousef Gadalla - GCMS
2nd Alternate -Sohail Shaik - GCMS
The Regional Math Meet for these students is Wednesday, April 19th.  Good luck math teams!
Special thanks to all the district teachers who helped with these meets including Jen Sadkovich, Emily Stousland, Diane Boles, Jenna Degner, Tanya Thuesen, Amy Weber, Courtney Moser, Doreen Klotz, Erin Bares, Amy Imoehl, Sonja Hungness, Marlene Feinstein, Bill Luebke, Brian Stubbe, Damon Piscitelli and Matt Hayden.  Also thank you to all of the parent volunteers- we really appreciate your help!  And thank you to Camille Dunn for taking photos.
Battle of the Books

Congratulations to both Glacier Creek and Kromrey's Middle Division Battle of the Books teams!  Kromrey's team placed 2nd in the State Competition and Glacier Creek's team placed 3rd - out of 142 teams!  Well done!

The Kromrey team included 7th graders Taylor Nordeng, Evelyn Anderson, Claire McLellan and Annie Leffel and on Glacier's teams was 7th graders Olivia Bote, Sadie Symonds, Annabelle Reppen & Rachel Yoo.  Nice work teams!
Kromrey Brain Bowl Competition
This week Kromrey held Brain Bowl competitions for all students.  Forty-six teams or 184 students from grades 5 - 8 took part.
Brain Bowl is a week-long, timed, single-elimination trivia competition and is open to all students at Kromrey.  Four person teams compete against each other on such topics as literature, math, geography, languages, history and trivia.  
The final rounds for both divisions were held in the gym on Thursday afternoon, March 23rd.  
In the 5th/6th grade division, the team of Thomas Strickland, Aidan Sipple, Logan Roy-Lewis and Max Zeaman narrowly beat the team including Bram D'Onofrio, Courtland Flanigan, Maddie Goscha and Isabel Garay. 
In the 7th and 8th grade division, Aarush Jain, Sanjay Suresh, Rohan Kommuri and Sam Gustafson defeated the team of Akshita Pattnaik, Trevor Chau, Jonah Guse and Ella Hurshl

Great job kids and thanks to all the staff people who helped out with Brain Bowl! Special thanks to Mr. Schmidlkofer for being the moderator for the finals rounds.

Math 24 Regional Event

Students in 4th, 5th and 6th grade from Northside, Park, West Middleton, Glacier Creek & Kromrey participated in the Math 24 Regional Event at the Union South on Tuesday, February 28.  The students competed against finalists from other area schools and were also able to participate in activities at the UW Biotech Center.  Congratulations to the following students who placed in the top 6 for their grade level:

4th grade:

1st Place - Claire Riedner, Northside
3rd Place - Lydia Paulsen, Northside
4th Place - Cooper Marquardt, Northside
5th Place - Karl Schaefer, Park School

5th grade:

1st Place - Bowen Li, Kromrey
2nd Place - Henry Bohachek, Glacier Creek
3rd Place - Jacob Leslie, Glacier Creek
4th Place - Kyle Pape, Glacier Creek

6th grade:

1st Place - Dhruv Prakash, Glacier Creek
2nd Place - Mackenzie Sloan, Glacier Creek
6th Place - Nihar Ballamudi, Glacier Creek

Special thanks to teachers Alex Bresser, Jay Larson, Joanna Cree, Preston Rodriguez, Jen Sadkovich, Diane Boles and Emily Stousland for all their work with these students and to all the parent volunteers who helped with the event!