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Congratulations to.....

Glacier Creek 7th grader Varun Gupta who placed in the top 3 for the Regional Spelling Bee and will advance to the State Spelling Bee on Saturday, March 25.

Kromrey 7th grader Hansen Jin &
 Glacier Creek 8th grader Ian Bohachek 
who have both qualified for the State Geography Bee to be held on Friday, March 31 in Madison.
Math 24 Regional Event

Students in 4th, 5th and 6th grade from Northside, Park, West Middleton, Glacier Creek & Kromrey participated in the Math 24 Regional Event at the Union South on Tuesday, February 28.  The students competed against finalists from other area schools and were also able to participate in activities at the UW Biotech Center.  Congratulations to the following students who placed in the top 6 for their grade level:

4th grade:

1st Place - Claire Riedner, Northside
3rd Place - Lydia Paulsen, Northside
4th Place - Cooper Marquardt, Northside
5th Place - Karl Schaefer, Park School

5th grade:

1st Place - Bowen Li, Kromrey
2nd Place - Henry Bohachek, Glacier Creek
3rd Place - Jacob Leslie, Glacier Creek
4th Place - Kyle Pape, Glacier Creek

6th grade:

1st Place - Dhruv Prakash, Glacier Creek
2nd Place - Mackenzie Sloan, Glacier Creek
6th Place - Nihar Ballamudi, Glacier Creek

Special thanks to teachers Alex Bresser, Jay Larson, Joanna Cree, Preston Rodriguez, Jen Sadkovich, Diane Boles and Emily Stousland for all their work with these students and to all the parent volunteers who helped with the event!
Battle of the Books

Glacier Creek and Kromrey both held Battle of the Books events in February.  Battle of the Books is open to all middle school students - grades 5-8 and is sponsored by WEMTA - the Wisconsin Educational Media and Technology Association.  The statewide Battle of the Books program is designed to promote a love of reading among our students. It encourages students to read a variety of books and helps to expose students to different authors and genres.  It is a fun, academic-based competition that has been very successful in school districts throughout the state in encouraging students to read.
WEMTA sponsors three division - elementary, middle and senior. In our district, middle level includes students in grades 5 - 7, and 8th graders read the senior level books.  The middle level participants read the Golden Archer nominated titles for the intermediate and junior high level plus ten other titles which are determined by media specialists throughout the state. The senior division reading list aims to expose students to current award winning literature. The list incorporates awards such as: Golden Archer, Newbery, Printz, Siebert and others. 
At Glacier Creek, the following teams placed 1st- 3rd at their grade levels.
5th Grade:
1st Place - Milla Agarwal, Bella Parker & Gabi Tabone
2nd Place - Nathan Kwon, Joseph Lee, John Steinmentz & Jay Gavin
3rd Place tie - Ruth Nelson, Kate Greller, Brett Gilge & Juliette Mandelbrot
3rd Place tie - Tait Haag, Ellie Ikeda, Nora Svendsen & Marisa Gorwitz

6th Grade:
1st Place - Jahnvi Datta, Sarah Ann Huber, Annie Sonju & Elizabeth Schwartz
2nd Place - Jackson Rademacher, Alex Heuer, John Chafe & Caden Wizinski
3rd Place - Olivia LaCour, Amy Li, Aleide Achenbach & Jayln Meinhotz

7th Grade:
1st Place - Olivia Bote, Sadie Symonds, Annabelle Reppen & Rachel Yoo
2nd Place - Sydney Bookstaff, Krista Lederer, Abby Gessler & Elle Bernier
3rd Place -  Addy Ystenes, Molly Keebler, Laney Seffrood & Clara Landucci
8th Grade:
1st Place - Leona Frinzi, Sydney Yosick, Rose Giefer & Vashima Ahuja - this team has qualified for State in the Senior Division!
2nd Place - Calvin Gassen, Aria Djamali, Lauren Poehling & Michael Go
After the grade level rounds, we had a run off between the 5th, 6th and 7th grade teams to determine the Middle Division State Qualifying Team - that is the 7th grade team - Olivia Bote, Sadie Symonds, Annabelle Reppen & Rachel Yoo
At Kromrey, these teams placed 1st - 3rd at their grade levels: 
5th Grade:
1st Place - Alexa Garber, Emily Dawson, Grace Wu & Claudia VanBendengom
2nd Place - Miles Wagener, Carter Kadow & Oliver Mayer
3rd Place - Roddy McLellan, Koen Reiter, Thea Rohlwing & Anna Dorman
6th Grade:
1st Place - Dheeraj Pasikanti, Ariya Shah, Varsha Gouraram & Krish Parikh
2nd Place - Amanda Beckman, Sophia Mormino, Kaia Mormino & Gretchen Gustafson
3rd Place - Gavyn Hurley, Ben Bremer, Maddie Bremer & Jacqueline Drape

7th Grade:
1st Place - Taylor Nordeng, Evelyn Anderson, Claire McLellan & Annie Leffel
2nd Place - Ethan Chau, Ryan Inman, Hansen Jin & Mia LaRico
3rd Place - Rohan Kommuri, Aarush Jain, Sanjay Suresh & Krishna Repalle
8th Grade:
1st Place - Rachel Yard, Lexi Spevacek, Priya Nandagopal, & Althea Wincek - this team has qualified for the State Senior Division!
2nd Place - Ashley Tung, Melia Zeaman, Nikki Yu & Sylvie Bishop
In the Kromrey run off between the 5th, 6th and 7th grade 1st place teams, Taylor Nordeng, Evelyn Anderson, Claire McLellan and Annie Leffel prevailed and will represent Kromrey in the Middle Division State Tournament.
Special thanks to staff people, Kim Stieber-White, Amy Weber, Marissa Freber, Nanci Marshall, Scott Lenoble, Wendy Koran, Jerry Moen and Kathy Hiteman for helping with this event!
Math Meets Coming Up

The District Math Meets are coming up - 30 students from each grade level have qualified to attend. From the District Meet the top 12 students at each grade level will advance to the Regional Meets and some students could advance to the Mega Meets after that.  Math team students will receive permission slips soon.  Here are the dates for the series of meets:

District 5th/6th Grade Meet - Tuesday, March 7 
District 7th/8th Grade Meet  - Wednesday, March 8

Regional 5th/6th Grade Meet - Tuesday, April 18 @ Sun Prairie
Regional 7/8th Grade Meet - Wednesday, April 19 @ Sun Prairie

Mega 5th/6th Grade Meet - Thursday, May 18 @ UW Madison
Mega 7th/8th Grade Meet - Tuesday, May 23 @ Madison College

Congratulations to the students who have qualified for the District Math Meet Teams:
Brain Bowl at Kromrey
Student sign up in the LMC until Friday, March 10th 
Brain Bowl is a fun, week-long, timed, single-elimination "Jeopardy" style competition. All Kromrey students in grade 5 - 8 can participate. Students should try to find team of 4 kids.  Teams compete against each other on such topics as literature, math, geography, languages, history and trivia.   Interested students can get sign up forms in the LMC.  Brain Bowl will happen during school the week of March 20 - the week before spring break. The deadline to sign up for all grades is Friday, March 10th.  This is a fun and exciting event for students!  
Upcoming Events:

Brain Bowl at Kromrey - March 20 - 24
State Spelling Bee - March 25
State Geo Bee - March 31
Math Meets:
District 5th/6th Grade Meet - Tuesday, March 7
District 7th/8th Grade Meet  - Wednesday, March 8
Regional 5th/6th Grade Meet - Tuesday, April 18
Regional 7/8th Grade Meet - Wednesday, April 19
Mega 5th/6th Grade Meet - Thursday, May 18
Mega 7th/8th Grade Meet - Tuesday, May 23
Future Problem Solvers State Bowl -April 27-29
Yahara Top 10 Workshop & Awards - May 9