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Yahara River Writers Contest
Top 10 Workshop at Union South

Congratulations to the following students who placed in the top 10 for the Yahara River Writers Contest and attended a special ceremony at the Union South on the UW-Madison Campus on Tuesday, May 8th. These students wrote poems, short stories, editorials or created cartoons or other art work for divider pages. For the first time this year, Spanish poetry was also included as another submission category.  Thousands of students from all over southern Wisconsin submitted work so these students should be especially proud of this accomplishment!

Glacier Creek students:
Ben Schulz
Ruthie Nelson
Nathan Kwon
Kevin Wu
John Steinmetz
Ben Pralat
John Chafe
Lauren Lamson
Angelina Hui
Monica Merino Vicuna
Diana Padilla Garcia
Natalie Ahn
Lexi Boehnan
Guillermina Mancillas
Lizbeth Perez
Monica Carrillo
Kromrey students:
Nina Chan
Chris Kirk
Lila Glinberg
Leslie Sanchez Carranza
Jordan LaScala
Iris Qu
Varsha Gouraram
Jamie Luna
Azaria Spencer
Grace Rosholt
Emily Lynch
Anastasia Leffel
Milton Adame Mungia

Special thanks to teachers Amy Weber, Molly Tormey, Melanie Chanos, Carrie Murphy, Kodie Johnson, Damaris Falcon, Lindsey Harmon, Diane Boles & Emily Stousland for helping with this event and to all the district literacy teachers who encourage students to create submissions for this contest. 
Congratulations students!
7th & 8th Grade Mega Math Meet

Sixteen district 7th and 8th graders advanced to the Mega Math Meet on May 23rd at Madison College. Our teams placed 2nd and 3rd and one of our students, Glacier Creek 8th grader Harsha Chilakapati, placed 3rd individually.

2nd Place team included - Caleb Sanders, Kaitlyn Ko, Krish Parikh, Naveed Ansari, Seoyoung Min, Amanda Zhu, Harsha Chilakapati, Franklin Hu

3rd Place team included - Teddy Burkard, Lauren Li, Zaki Siraj, Dhruv Prakash, Michael Lee, Annabelle Reppen, Clay Kaufman, David Ma

Thanks to math teachers Erin Bares & Marlene Feinstein for coming and helping out with this meet, and to all the district math teachers who help challenge students every day!
Future Problem Solvers 
International Conference

Good luck to the five district students who have advanced to the Future Problems Solvers International Conference to be held at the UW-LaCrosse on June 7-10th.  These students include: KMS 7th graders Maddie Goscha, Zaki Siraj, Gus Balasubramaniam and Jonathan Kim, + MHS 9th grader Nikki Yu.
Engineer Girl Writing Contest 

Each year the Engineer Girl organization sponsors various programs including a writing contest.  This year's contest asked students to imagine how engineering can help communities. Specifically, this year's contest focused on having students investigate an infrastructure system in our community and suggest an improvement in the form of a persuasive letter, essay or report.  

Congratulations to Glacier Creek 7th grader Mackenzie Sloanwhose essay titled, "The Future of Student Safety" was named as a finalist.
Battle of the Books
Summer Reading Idea  
The Wisconsin Educational Media and Technology Association (WEMTA) sponsors a statewide Battle of the Books program for students every year.  Battle of the Books is a fun, academic-based competition that has been very successful in school districts throughout the state in encouraging students to read and expose them to a variety of authors.

WEMTA sponsors three divisions. The elementary division reads the nominated Golden Archer winners for the primary and intermediate levels plus a variety of other award winning titles. The middle level participants read the nominated titles for the intermediate and junior high level plus ten other titles which are determined by media specialists throughout the state. The senior division reading list aims to expose students to current award winning literature. The list incorporates awards such as: Golden Archer, Newbery, Printz, Siebert and others.

Here are the reading lists for each level for 2018-19:

Kromrey 8th grader Taylor Nordeng 
featured at CTM's Young Playwrights' Festival

Taylor Nordeng, center front above, was one of seven Dane County middle and high school student playwrights whose work was performed by local, professional actors at a recent Playwright Festival at the Overture Center.  

Nordeng's play, "Uprooted," was the area's winning middle school level play for Children's Theater of Madison's (CTM)Young Playwrights for Change competition.  CTM partners with the American Alliance for Theater & Education to offer students the chance to submit their plays to the national Young Playwrights for Change.  This year's theme was Rise Up:  Fighting for Love and Inclusion in the Face of Hatred and Bigotry.

Because her play was selected as the winning entry, Nordeng had the opportunity to work with CTM staff and directors to bring her script to life on stage for two performances at the Young Playwrights Festival on May 2nd.

Four other Kromrey Middle School 8th graders received special recognition for their play scripts, including Daphne Wu, Catie Harris, Liliana Roden and Franklin Hu.  

Several other plays written by Kromrey 8th graders were selected to move on for consideration in the CTM Young Playwrights' experience.  These students (pictured above) include Elora Doxtater, Lexi Lund, Maya Lemke, Cate Ohly, Emily Tsipis, Maeve McGinley, Avery Brutosky, Julia Torresani, Christie Munson, Eli Kinne, Michael Lee, Janice Peng, Fei Smith, Griffin Ward, Cecilia Kasper, Evelyn Williams, Emily Lynch, Prisha Rajesh, Ivan Chairz-Lomas, Blaise Lin, Daniel Lee, Arturo Tamayo-Jimenez, Anna Kessenich, Noah Lorman, Alynn McLeod, Joshua Sampson, Cheyenne Halverson, Rowan Hansen, and Kaitlyn Narman.

Special thanks to all of the staff who guided students through the project, including Jean Holman, Marah Larsen, Ruth Frawley and Marisha Ashe.
5th & 6th Grade Mega Math Meet

Sixteen district 5th and 6th graders advanced to the Mega Math Meet this week at UW-Madison. One of our two teams won the meet!  This team included:  Jonathan Schecher, Nikhil Quintin, Harry Jin, Ray Feinberg, Grace Wo, Kevin Wu, Raghav Gopalakrishnan and Roddy McLellan.  Additionally Kromrey 6th grader, Grace Wu, placed 3rd overall individually at the meet.  Congratulations students!

Special thanks to teachers  Sonja Hungness, Jenna Degner, Courtney Ibinger and Ashley Longino, for helping out with these meets to all the math teachers who work to challenge students every day!
Madison Area Science Fair

The Madison Area Science, Technology & Engineering Rising Stars (MASTERS) program was established to provide middle school students (grades 6-8) the opportunity to showcase their research and explorations in STEM subjects. Private, public, and home school students are eligible. This year's fair was held on Sunday, May 6th, in Madison, again at the Eagle Heights Community Center. The goal of the fair is to inspire enthusiasm for science and engineering research and exploration among Wisconsin students. It provides a support system to assist students as they actively participate in science and engineering endeavors.
Two Kromrey student did very well!

1st place - Sanjay Suresh - 8th grade (pictured right)
Sanjay's project explored the use of 3-D printing for creating violin bridges.
3rd place - Raghav Gopalakrishnan - 6th grade (left)
Raghav's project focused on sorters and how they work based on the weight and size of the objects being sorted.
There were 20 projects presented by middle-schoolers from around the Madison area.
Middle School Fine Arts Nights - 
& School Literary Magazine Openings
Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Invitations have been handed out to all Kromrey and Glacier Creek students who have work published in our school literary magazines - The Gallery at Kromrey and In Black & White at Glacier Creek.   All of these students should plan to attend special Fine Arts Nights celebrations. 

Fine Arts Nights will be held on 

Tuesday, May 22, 2018
at the Performing Arts Center
at Middleton High School.

Kromrey's event starts at 6:00 p.m.
Glacier Creek's event starts at 7:30 p.m.

Published students should try to arrive a few minutes early to check in and pick up their copy of the magazine. These evening events will include chorus performances and a celebration of student writing and art. 

Teams of 8th grade editors at both schools are to be commended for their work on the magazines all year!  They include:

In Black & White Editors:

Elle Bernier
Olivia Bote
Katy Bouril
Mia Burkholder
Kallen Erlandson
Tidwell Garton
Abby Gessler
Gabi Gruba
Flynn Hughes
Mykal Jones
Karlye Kriewaldt
Greta Kunze
Timothy Manning
Alisha Olson
Keilah Reinhart
Finley Richgels
Savannah Savangsy
Alex Seaborg
Laney Seffrood
Iman Shahzad
Macy Skubal
Abby Sperger
Erin Sullivan
Sadie Symonds
Kate Thomas
Nathan Tumbleson
Grace Winkelmann
Addy Ystenes
Giovanna Zwettler

Gallery Editors:

Aiyenero, Margaret
Aviles, Iliana
Brutosky, Avery
Buechner, Ethan
Chavan, Ashwika
Dolin, Talia
Ezoula, Richalatou
Gonter, Erin
Guiao, Mateo
Hansen, Rowan
Haq, Heba
Jones, Elaina
Kasper, Ceia
Kim, Irene
LaRico, Mia
Leffel, Anastasia
Liddicoat, Avery
Lynch, Emily
Ma, David
Munson, Christie
Nelson, Hannah
Ohly, Cate
Peng, Janice
Rosholt, Grace
Salsman, Koby
Shepard, Warren
Smith, Fei
Streets, Grace
Tormey, Nick
Tsipis, Emily
Williams, Nancy
Wu, Daphne

Congratulations to....

Kromery  8th grader Hansen Jin who won the State Geo Bee on Friday, April 6th.   
He will represent Kromrey and Wisconsin at the National Geo Bee May 20-23 in Washington D.C.!  


Future Problem Solvers State Bowl 
April 12-14, 2018

This year 99 students from Glacier Creek, Kromrey and Middleton High School qualified and attended the Future Problem Solvers State Bowl which was held on April 12-14 at the Green Lake Conference Center in Green Lake, WI.   Sadly the weather did not cooperate and many events were cancelled. Students went up to Green Lake on Thursday, but then had to return home late Friday due to impending sleet, snow and ice. As the photo above demonstrates, students are to be commended being so positive throughout a disappointing State Bowl.  

Friday morning's central problem solving event did go on as scheduled and nine district students qualified to attend the FPS International Conference (IC) to be held June 7-11 at the UW-LaCrosse.  Congratulations to:

Kromrey Team - Gus Balasubramanaim, Jonathan Kim, Zaki Siraj and Maddie Goscha who placed 4th and will advance. Also congratulations to Nikki Yu who placed 1st and is attending IC.  One other team of high school senior also placed 1st but can not attend IC.  This team includes Balaji Veeramani, Haiwen Dai, Nick Spevacek and Nick DeOliveira. 

One other student was recognized at the FPS State Bowl.  Middleton High School senior Kirstin Yu received the Jennifer Hanson Student FPS Award for her work developing the FPS Program at MHS.   Kirstin has worked closely with other coaches in our district to provide resources and coordinate the nuts and bolts of registering and submitting booklets for the high school teams.  Her leadership has made it possible for many students to continue to participate in 9th - 12th grade.  Congratulations Kirstin!

Special thanks to the parent chaperones who helped to make this a fun event in spite of the weather and were extremely helpful in getting students home safely - Sally Johannsen
Kim Munson, Cortney Spots, Joleen Feltz, Dharani Kanagala, Andy Inman, Vamsi Kommuri, Stacey Bohachek, Reena Mallannagari, Chantel Greenberg, Bunjin Lee, Kristen Haag, Andy Lyons, Newrhee Kim, Serena Yu, Charles Yu, Suzanna Chau, Oh Hoon Kwon, Meghna Kuckreja, Rhonda Gessler, Deepa Gouraram and Anita Wang.

Future Problem Solving is coached by Ruth Frawley for Glacier Creek & Kromrey's middle teams, Julie Rozanski at Kromrey with the junior teams and John Niesen at Middleton High School.
Middle School Fine Arts Nights - 
& School Literary Magazine Openings
Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Teams of 8th grade editors are working to create school literary magazines at both Glacier Creek and Kromrey.  Many middle level students have submitted work to these and will receive invitations to our Fine Arts Nights by mid-May if their work has been selected to be published.   

Fine Arts Night will be held on 

Tuesday, May 22, 2017
at the Performing Arts Center
at Middleton High School.

Kromrey's event starts at 6:00 p.m.
Glacier Creek's event starts at 7:30 p.m.

Published students should try to arrive a few minutes early to check in and pick up their copy of the magazine.
These evening events will include chorus performances and a celebration of student writing and art. 
Many families are looking for summer programming idea for their children.  Here is a comprehensive list of many academic opportunities in our area:
Math 24 Regional Event

Students in 4th, 5th and 6th grade from Northside, Park, Sunset Ridge, Elm Lawn, Glacier Creek & Kromrey participated in the Math 24 Regional Event at the Union South on Tuesday, February 27.  The students competed against finalists from other area schools and were also able to participate in activities at the UW Biotech Center.  Congratulations to the following students who placed in the top 6 for their grade level:

4th grade:
4th Place - Gavin Weise from Northside

5th grade:
3rd Place - Karl Schaefer from Glacier Creek
4th Place - Lydia Paulsen from Kromrey
5th Place - Duke Allen from Glacier Creek

6th grade:
2nd Place - Amritha Mavuri from Kromrey
3rd Place - Bowen Li from Kromrey
4th Place - Isha Chilukuri from Kromrey

Special thanks to teachers Alex Arndt, Jay Larson, Brett Batura, Preston Rodriguez, Jen Sadkovich, Diane Boles and Emily Stousland for all their work with these students and to all the parent volunteers who helped with the event!
Future Problem Solvers State Bowl
The Wisconsin Future Problem Solving Program will hold its 38th annual State Bowl in Green Lake from April 12-14, 2018. Hundreds of fourth through twelfth graders from around the state will participate in the Global Issues Problem Solving competition at the State Bowl. Working in teams of four or as individuals, students will analyze the challenges and develop solution ideas for a situation set in a fictional future and related to the global topic of Cloud Storage.  Additionally some students wrote "Scenarios" - these are short stories set in the future that are based on one of the topics.
Congratulations to the following students who have qualified for the State FPS Bowl:

Ancheta, Maddy
Anderson, Evelyn
Balasubramaniam, Gus
Bloch, Lily
Chandrashekar, Sneha
Clark, Katrina
Coder, Rowan
Compton, Sydney
Doxtater, Elora
Elaison, Owen
Feltz, Katrina
Gonter, Erin
Gosha, Madeline
Gouraram, Parin
Gouraram, Varsha
Greenberg, Sydney
Hanson, Lydia
Hu, Franklin
Inman, Ryan
Jain, Aarush
Jones, Elaina
Kim, Jonathan
Ko, Kaitlyn
Kommuri, Rohan
Lindsey, Blake
Lyons, Carson
Ma, David
Madden, Reed
McGinley, Ian
McLellan, Claire
Munson, Christie
Patenaude, Finn
Rajpal, Naiya
Schiffman, Liev
Schultz, Sydney
Shaw, Klora
Shepard, Warren
Siraj, Zaki
Spotts, Gabi
Strickland, Thomas
Wincek, Tommy
Wu, Daphne
Glacier Creek:

Buhari, Ifra
Chen, Andrew
Eck, Genevieve
Gessler, Abby
Gunay, Ela
Gustafson, Laina
Haag, Tait
Hartman, Reganne
Heisler, Mia
Hummel, Abby
Johannsen, Kali
Jorgensen, Sophia
Katukam, Srija
Kim, Jeremiah
Kuckreja, Anoushka
Kwon, Nathan
Lamson, Lauren
Lee, Joseph
Li, Amy
Maher, Aidyn
Mair, Lily
Mallannagari, Sriya
Mandelbrot, Juliette
Manne, Punitha
Pan, Olivia
Sanders, Ethan
Steinmetz, John
Stoffregan, Haley
Wu, Kevin
Yoo, Rachel
Middleton High:

Asmus,Natalie I
Bohachek,Ian D
Chau, Trevor
Chen, Grace
Dai, Haiwan
DeOlivera, Nick
Evans,Abigail J 
Gallay, Amaya
Gallay,Blake J
Guse,Jonah E
Hu,Maylynn C
Kinne,Natasha L (Tasha)
Mackey, Eleanor
Nie,Zinnia Z
Olszewski, Athena
Pattniak, Akshita
Pollard, Noah
Prabahara Sundar,Poojha
Spevacek, Lexi
Sue,Charlotte S
Veeramani, Balaji
Wincek, Althea
Yu,Kirstin A
Yu,Nicole H 

Global Issues Problem Solving, a component of the Future Problem Solving Program International, is an educational program in which students learn a six-step problem solving process and apply it to future situations in three practice topics they have researched. The practice topics this year were the Spread of Infectious Disease, Toxic Materials and Philanthrocapitalism.  The goals of the program are to encourage students to become more creative in their thinking, to develop richer images of the future, to increase their research skills, to learn cooperative teamwork skills, and to increase their written and verbal communication skills.
At the State Bowl, Global Issues Problem Solvers will brainstorm 16 challenges, an underlying problem, and 16 solutions for a future situation. They will also develop criteria to use in selecting the best solution, and write an action plan for implementing it. This written team effort is completed in a two-hour time frame.  In addition, students will plan and present four-minute presentations to introduce their best solution action plan to an audience.
District Math Meet Results

The District Math Meets were held on March 12 and 13 at the Hilton Garden Inn in Middleton.  120 students participated each day.  The top 12 finishers individually advance to the Regional Math Meets in April and from there they may qualify for the Mega Math Meets in May.

On Monday, March 12 at the 5th/6th grade meet, the following students placed in the top 12 + 2 alternates.  

Congratulations to:


5th graders - Jonathan Schecher, Nikhil Quintin, Harry Jin, Ray Feinberg, Li Ying, Vincent Li, Ethan Bo, Venakt Peddinti, Luke Zhang, Liev Schiffman, Owen Weisenberger, Abby Sanger, Alina Wisinski and Selina Wen. 


6th graders - Grace Wu, Kevin Wu, Raghav Gopalakrishnan, Roddy McLellan, Alexa Garber, Ian Lam, Amritha Mavuri, Ben Pralat, Aadil Ahmad, Miles Wagener, Henry Dickenson, Isha Chilukuri, Eric Ma and Piper Garcia Hall.

The 5th/6th grade Regional Math Meet will be held on Wednesday, April 25 at Kromrey Middle School and will include teams from Sun Prairie, Verona and Madison too.

On Tuesday, March 13 at the 7th/8th grade meet, the following students placed in the top 12 + 2 alternates. 

Congratulations to:


7th Graders - Caleb Sanders, Kaitlyn Ko, Krish Parikh, Naveed Ansari, Biagio Gargano, Dheeraj Pasikanti, Nihar Ballamudi, Josh Chen, Teddy Burkard, Lauren Li, Zaki Siraj, Dhruv Prakash, Flynn Ewer and Aaron Dunk.


8th Graders - Hansen Jin, Amanda Zhu, Harsha Chilakapati, Franklin Hu, Daphne Wu, Sanjay Suresh, Ethan Hellenbrand, Cheyenne Halverson, Michael Lee, Annabelle Reppen, Clay Kaufman, David Ma, Seoyoung Min and Katy Bouril.

The 7th/8th grade Regional Math Meet will be held on Thursday, April 26 at Kromrey Middle School and will also include teams from Sun Prairie, Verona and Madison.  Good luck teams!

Special thanks to teachers Jen Sadkovich, Diane Boles, Emily Stousland, Amy Weber, Sue Brumm, Tanya Thuesen, Amy Imoehl, Jenna Degner, Carrie Murphy, Sonja Hungness, Jay Larson, Ashley Longino, Marlene Feinstein, Damon Piscitelli, Brian Stubbe and MHS student explainers Meghna Datta, Sophia Bote, Anaka Srinivas, Erin Fischer and Jay Jang.  Also THANK YOU to the many parents who helped proctor and score for the meets!
MathCounts State Competition

Congratulations to the middle level students who qualified for and attended the State MathCounts Competition which was held on Saturday, March 3 in Sheboygan.  The team from Kromrey took 2nd place and included:  Hansen Jin, Franklin Hu, Sanjay Suresh and Dheeraj Pasikanti.  These kids also places as follows individually - Hansen Jin - 6th, Krish Parikh -20th, Franklin Hu - 21st, Sanjay Suresh - 27th, Daphne Wu - 29th and Amanda Zhu - 30th.  Caleb Sander and Harsha Chilakapati also qualified for and attended this event.  Special thanks to Abigail Ochberg for all her work coaching the kids this year!
Battle of the Books Update
Two teams of students participated in the state wide Battle of the Books sponsored by WEMTA - the Wisconsin Educational Media and Technology Association.  A team of 8th graders including Evelyn Anderson, Anastasia Leffel, Claire McLellan and Taylor Nordeng won the senior division at Kromrey and placed 2nd in the state! The other team of 5th graders won the middle division at Kromrey and placed 10th in the state.  That team included Kevin Zhang, Owen Weisenberger, Harry Jin and Ryan Slattery.  Great job!
There are many other community opportunities in our area for students posted on our district website at the following link:

The Middleton-Cross Plains School District does not directly sponsor or endorse the community opportunities listed here.
If you have questions about any of the district events, please contact the advanced learning specialist at your school - names and phone numbers are listed on this page.
Battle of the Books

Kromrey held a Battle of the Books event last week, Friday, February 16.   Our Battle of the Books is sponsored by WEMTA - the Wisconsin Educational Media and Technology Association.  The statewide Battle of the Books program is designed to promote a love of reading among our students. It encourages students to read a variety of books and helps to expose students to different authors and genres.  It is a fun, academic-based competition that has been very successful in school districts throughout the state in encouraging students to read.
WEMTA sponsors three division - elementary, middle and senior. In our district, middle level includes students in grades 5 - 7, and 8th graders read the senior level books.  The middle level participants read the Golden Archer nominated titles for the intermediate and junior high level plus ten other titles which are determined by media specialists throughout the state. The senior division reading list aims to expose students to current award winning literature. The list incorporates awards such as: Golden Archer, Newbery, Printz, Siebert and others. Eighty-eight students participated.  

5th grade 1st place team- Kevin Zhang, Owen Weisenberger, Harry Jin and Ryan Slattery, 2nd place team - Ryan Zhu, Spencer Lyons, Kate Greenberg and Nebil Siraj, 3rd place 3 teams tied and those students include Vivian Liang, Katie Jiang, Eunice Chung, Keaten Davis, Gretchen Jones, Layla Raval, Samantha Kleinheinz, Lydia Paulsen, Zoey Zinger, Naomi Martin, Ben Zumbrunnen and Sam Raysbrook.

6th grade 1st place team - Alexa Garber, Grace Wu, Emily Dawson and Amritha Mavuri, 2nd place team - Owen Eliason, Thea Rohlwing, Isha Chilikuri and Netra Somasundaram, 3rd place team - Raghav Gopalakrishnan, Dima Llanos, Roddy McLellan and Koen Reiter.

7th grade 1st place team -  Dheeraj Pasikanti, Krish Parikh, Hannah Nygard and Jackson Heil, 2nd place team - Iris Qu, Amy Liang, Janice Chung and Isabel Garay, 3rd place team - Amanda Beckman, Sophia Mormino, Gretchen Gustafson and Kaia Mormino

8th grade 1st place team - Taylor Nordeng, Claire McLellan, Anastasia Leffel and Evelyn Anderson, 2nd place team - Nancy Williams, Brooke Rhodes, Azaria Spencer, and Hayley Krause, 3rd place team - Christie Munson, Emily Tsipis, Daphne Wu and Cheyenne Halverseon

After the grade level rounds, we had a run off with the 5th, 6th and 7th grade team to determine the winning middle division team from Kromrey. The 5th graders won!  So Kevin, Owen, Harry and Ryan along with Evelyn, Taylor, Annie and Clairewill do online competitions this week with hundreds of team from all over the state.  

All of the students did a nice job reading 20 books this fall and winter and working together as teams last week! Special thanks to Nanci Marshall and parents Evelyn Paulsen and Esther Kim for helping to run the events!

MathCounts Update

Good luck to the following students who placed in the top 10 at the District MathCounts event from Glacier Creek and Kromrey and will advance to the Regional Competition at UW on Saturday, February 3rd.
Kromrey's team includes Hansen Jin, Sanjay Suresh, Franklin Hu, Dheeraj Pasikanti, Krish Parikh, Daphne Wu, Amanda Zhu, Michael Lee, Grace Wu and Rohan Kommuri.

Glacier Creek team is Harsha Chilakapati, Caleb Sanders, Teddy Burkard, Aviral Srivastava, Kevin Wu, Aarush Gupta, Olivia Pan, Dhruv Prakash, Jahnvi Datta and Seoyoung Min.
District Spelling Bee Results
The District Spelling Bee was held on Wednesday, January 24 at the Performing Arts Center at Middleton High School. The following students placed in the top 12 - 8 will go on to the Regional Bee and 4 are alternates. Congratulations to:

Ray Feinberg  - 1st Place
Annabelle Reppen  - 2nd Place
Hansen Jin - 3rd Place
Beckett Reppen - 4th Place 
Grace Wu - 5th Place
Naveed Ansari - 6th Place
Rajeshwari Rawal - 7th Place
Ryan Zhu - 8th Place
Janice Chung - 9th Place
Sajid Habib - 10th Place
Chris Kirk- 11th Place
Aarush Jain - 12th Place

The Regional Spelling Bee will be held on Tuesday, February 6thbeginning at 6:00 p.m. at Stoughton High School.  Good luck students!  
Future Problem Solvers Updates

All Glacier Creek and Kromrey students who have been participating in the Future Problem Solvers program this year will complete their State Bowl Qualifying Packets in February on the following dates:

6th Graders at KMS - Thursday, February 8
5th Graders at KMS - Friday, February 9
All Glacier FPS students - Monday, February 12
7th & 8th Graders at KMS - Tuesday, February 13

These students have been studying the topic of Philanthrocapitalism and will work in teams to analyze a set of challenges related to this topic. All students will be notified by the end of February if they qualify for the State FPS Bowl. 

Additionally all 7th and 8th grade FPS students wrote scenarios - short stories set in the future on one of the FPS topics for this year. Twenty-one of these scenarios were submitted to the State FPS Scenario Competition. These students include Gus Balasubramaniam, Katy Bouril, Elora Doxtater, Sneha Chandrashekar, Abby Gessler, Erin Gonter, Aarush Jain, Lydia Hanson, Franklin Hu, Heba Haq, Elaina Jones, Kaitlyn Ko, Sophia Jorgensen, David Ma, Christie Munson, Sarah Mounajjed, Finn Patenaude, Warren Shepard, Daphne Wu, Zaki Siraj & Rachel Yoo.  Excellent work!
Science Bowl

Five Kromrey 8th graders Rohan Kommuri, Aarush Jain, Sam Gustafson, Griffin McGrath and Sanjay Sureshr took the initiative to form a Science Bowl team this year.  Science Bowl is sponsored by the US Department of Energy.  These students participated in the Science Bowl on Saturday, January 29 hosted by the UW School of Engineering.  The kids did a great job! Special thanks to 8th grade science teacher, Bruce Koeller, for all his work helping these students prepare for this event.