Let's stop asking our kids what they want to be when they grow up and start asking what change they want to make. - Oscar Wilde

                                    Welcome to the Academic and Career Planning Webpage 

Your ACP teachers will be utilizing this page daily to offer you the ability to access our classrooms from any location. Please take a look at the classroom calendar to check out our daily agenda and to make sure to met the objective (goal) of the day. 

Did you know...

That by 2017 all students (6-12) in the state of Wisconsin are suppose to have a Academic and Career Plan, here at KMS we are way ahead of the game!

ACP is an 8th grade core class that is designed to help students investigate and analyze upcoming major life decisions. We focus our learning on Career Exploration, Post High School Options, High School Transitions, Job Skills, Financial Literacy, and Entrepreneurial Exploration. 

We welcome all learners within our classroom and strive to have a productive and engaging learning environment for all!


Mrs. Mac Kenzie Swanson  and   Mrs. Alicia Rippl :)


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