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Mr. Stubbe 

Mrs. Holman
(608) 829-9632

Mr. Moll

Mr. Miller
(608) 829-9566

Mrs. Schmidt
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Mrs. Swanson 

Mrs. Parduhn
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Ms. Stern

Mrs. Prieve

2016-2017 School Year 

 Review online tools for the Forward Test

Link to online testing tutorial:

Videos students can access to become more familiar with the Forward Test tools:

  • Signing in to the online test (4:16)

  • Pausing, Exiting and Ending test (3:27)

  • Testing Basics (3:24)

  • Basic Tools and Navigation (4:24)

  • Basic Calculator (0:42)

  • Scientific Calculator (1:00)

  • Writing Tools (0:34)


Try this:

“Improve focus and boost your productivity.  

Mix different sounds and create your perfect environment.”

Do you have an old calculator at home that you are not using?
Please donate it to Mr. Miller's Science classroom

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