Online Course Support


Troubleshooting Common Online Course Issues:

"I keep getting an error message when I try to log in."

"When I click on a lesson, all I see is a white screen."
  • Look for a shield in the right corner of your URL bar. Click on the shield, then on the link that says "Load Unsafe Scripts." Do not be alarmed! This is safe and appropriate.
  • Clear browsing history including cache

"I can't get an assignment to open on my Chromebook."
  • Hover over the assignment link and/or download the assignment. If it ends in .rtf, follow these steps to convert it to a readable format.
  • Access the assignment on another type of computer (PC or MAC), save it as a .docx then upload into your Google Drive.

"I keep receiving 0s when I submit assignments using Google Docs" and/or "My teacher keeps saying they cannot open my assignments"
  • Click on the assignment score on your Performance page to see your teacher's feedback.
  • Review steps and options for submitting Google Documents in your online courses.