Post-Secondary Planning Information and Resources

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Online Course Support

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Students: View some common online issues and possible solutions on the Online Course Support page

Additional College and Career Websites

College Virtual Tours
- Takes students on virtual tours of colleges across the US.

Occupational Outlook Handbook

- Provides information about nearly every occupation. It includes information on median pay, future job outlook, required training and education, etc.



- Offers career exploration and college tips for high school students. Students can search careers and/or majors to help figure out what direction they would like to go.

Career Clusters Inventory

- The Career Clusters Inventory asks students to rate their skills, interests and successes in a variety of different fields. The end result are careers areas that may be of interest when looking at careers and college majors.

Interests and Skills Assessments

- This website provides several different assessments students can take to help determine their skills and areas of interest, providing some suggested major and/or careers.

Resumes and Cover Letters

- This PDF provides information and samples to help with putting together resumes and cover letters

Interviewing Skills

- This PDF provides a variety of suggestions and tips for interviewing.

- This website investigates a wide range of degrees, universities, occupations and entrepreneurial opportunities across the US and the rest of the world.

Job Search

- Lists job across the state of Wisconsin

College Resource Center

- Includes lists of Wisconsin universities, colleges and career programs, more than 60 no-cost scholarship websites, colleges with comprehensive programs for students with learning disabilities, and an instant GPA calculator


Online Colleges in Wisconsin

- Directory of top online post-secondary schools in Wisconsin

Online College Degree Resources
- Provides information about frequently asked questions related to financial aid in online programs
- Information about non-profit and for profit colleges and the varies fees to expect