21st Century eSchool Profile  

2429 Clark Street
Middleton, WI 53562
Phone: 608‐829‐9991
Fax: 608‐831‐5160  
Email: kgauen@mcpasd.k12.wi.us

The 21st Century eSchool opened as a virtual charter school in the 2010‐11 school year. The 21st Century
eSchool is located within the highly renowned community of Middleton, Wisconsin, which was voted by
Money Magazine in 2007 as the #1 Best Place to Live. Middleton is a west suburb of Madison with a
population of 17,400. The community shares an enormous sense of pride and honor in regards to the
schools and academic excellence found throughout the district.  

The 21st Century eSchool is a part of the Wisconsin eSchool Network (WEN). The Wisconsin eSchool
Network is a consortium of school districts across the state of Wisconsin that pool curriculum and
teachers to provide a wide range of rigorous online courses for students across the state. 

Middle and High School students have
the option to take classes using the Florida Virtual School (FLVS), eDynamics and Carone Fitnesscourse curricula.  

Elementary students have the option to take courses either through Lincoln Learning Solutions or the FuelEd (formerly K12) curriculum, which
covers both the core subject areas and electives. 

All students also have the option to take up to two courses at MCPASD brick and mortar schools and
participate in any extra‐curricular activities for a blended‐learning experience if they so choose.   

Our Vision is to be an innovator and leader of public K‐12 education within the state and nation by
meeting the needs of all students with excellent programs and staff.

Our Mission is to educate all students to be contributing members of a global society by inspiring them
with a lifelong love of learning, challenging them with rigorous curriculum and empowering them with
21st century skills.

Graduation Requirements:
A total of 23.5 credits in grades nine through twelve are required for graduation (beginning with the
class of 2015), including the following:

English: 4 Credits
  Social Studies: 3 Credits
  Mathematics: 3 Credits
    Science: 3 Credits
Physical Education:1.5 Credits
Health: .5 Credits  
Financial Literacy: .5 Credits
    Option A: 1.0 Credit of Fine Arts and 1.0 credit of Career Technical Education (CTE)
Option B: 3.0 Credits of the same Foreign Language and .5 Credit of Fine Art and .5 Credit of CTE

Grade Point Information:
A 4.0    B 3.0    C 2.0    D 1.0
A‐  3.7    B‐  2.7    C‐  1.7    D‐  0.7
B+ 3.3    C+ 2.3    D+ 1.3    F 0.0

  • All subjects are given equal weight.
  • Grade point average is computed by using official semester grades for all courses beginning with the ninth grade.
The 21st Century eSchool does not publish rank.

High School Course Offerings*:
New courses are offered every year. The most up to date list along with course descriptions can be found at http://wi.geniussis.com/publicstudentcourselist.aspx?id=24