Participating Vendors

2019 Participating Vendors

Dave's Candy Kitchen

            Dave's Candy Kitchen is located in Fairfax, Virginia.  For Dave, it's been a hobby for years.  Then it went out of control.  He's been making candy for 25 years to give to friends and family for the holidays and now it is offered to you.  His favorite is Butter Almond Crunch.  It is an English toffee candy made with fresh creamery butter and chopped toasted almonds, coated with real milk chocolate and finally coated with more toasted almonds.  It is nothing short of heavenly.  Also, try the dark chocolate pretzels, nonpareils, chocolate bark, and turtles.  Featured at this year's Festival will be butter almond toffee, coconut cashew toffee, chocolate bark, chocolate pretzels and an assortment of milk and dark chocolate candies
. Visit their website by clicking here.

Fluffy Thoughts
         Fluffy Thoughts Bakery was conceived in the year 2000, when a friend suggested that owner Lara Stuckey combine her two passions, art and baking, into a real business. While in graduate school, Lara worked part-time at DC-based bakery Cakelove. While at Cakelove, Lara observed the bakery business first-hand, and attributes much of her training under local entrepreneur and baker Warren Brown. Fluffy Thoughts opened at 1320 Old Chain Bridge Road in McLean in 2010. With a talent and background in art, Lara infuses sculpture, color, and design into each cake, and customizes her creations based on customer requests. At the festival, Fluffy Thoughts will be offering various chocolate cupcakes, cake pops, fudge brownies, chocolate cookies, rice krispie treats with chocolate, and coconut macaroons dipped in chocolate. Visit their website by clicking here.

         Sweetbites began in 2010 as one of the region’s original mobile food trucks (the “Sweetbitestruck") serving gourmet baked goods in the finest neighborhoods of DC and Northern VA.  The truck has earned a loyal following among customers in the Washington, DC area. We take pride in using the finest natural ingredients to create delicious, decadent desserts with a creative and flavorful twist.  Our healthy cafe menu is made of fresh, wholesome gourmet-to-go breakfast and lunch offerings.Try our irresistible and distinctive cakes, tarts, cookies, and cupcakes which are available for special order or to make your occasion extra special. Visit their website by clicking here.

 Chesterbrook Residences

            Chesterbrook Residents is celebrating their 8th anniversary and currently operates the only mixed income, non-profit, assisted living community in Fairfax County. The vision of the community came together with the assistance of Lewinsville Presbyterian Church, Immanuel Presbyterian Church, and Temple Rodef Shalom to develop Chesterbrook Residences. The community is located next to Longfellow Middle School on Westmoreland Street in Falls Church. The award-winning Chesterbrook Residences provides peace of mind for its residents and their family members. Knowing that loved ones are well taken care of in a loving, comfortable community that offers around the clock care makes Chesterbrook Residences a truly one-of-a-kind assisted living facility. The Executive Chef at Chesterbrook Residences is back with his famous Chocolate Pecan Pie, Homemade Fudge, Godiva No Bake Cookies, and many other items. Visit their website by clicking here.

Lewinsville Retirement Residences

            The Lewinsville is a 143 unit garden apartment complex in McLean affiliated with the Lewinsville Presbyterian Church.  The community is designed to meet the needs of the elderly.  Lewinsville's manager of Dining Services, Donna Bolton, and her staff are bringing some of their favorite chocolate deserts to share at this year's festival.  Visit their website by clicking here.

Cameron's Coffee and Chocolates

            Cameron’s Coffee & Chocolates is the first business enterprise of the non-profit foundation, Every1 Can WorkWe opened our doors at 9639 Fairfax Blvd. (Lee Highway) in Fairfax officially on October 1, 2013. Guilt-free chocolate was once just a dream for lovers of sweetness everywhere, but with Cameron’s Chocolates it is here! Our remarkable chocolates are made with love and devotion by a wonderful group of young adults and volunteers. These young adults have been dealt some wild cards, which add challenges to their daily lives. Some were born with genetic disorders, some with Autism, and some with undefined intellectual or physical disabilities. But they all share a love of life and an appreciation of what it means to have meaningful employment at Cameron’s Chocolates. We promise you’ll taste the love in every single bite. Cameron's will be offering chocolate candy and baked goods from their shop. Visit their website by clicking here.

The Chocolatier's Palette

            For more than a decade, I’ve been making gourmet fudge in small batches for family and friends at the holidays. I’ve always delighted in their reactions to tasting my artisanal treats, and continually invent new flavors to surprise them. They have noted, “The flavors you come up with are so creative and delicious!” “I wait all year to savor every piece.” “I hide the fudge so my kids don’t get to it first….” While our Belgian chocolate contains the emulsifier soy lecithin to prevent the cocoa butter from separating from the cocoa mass, all of our listed products are naturally gluten-free, and free of artificial sweeteners, flavors, and colors. In addition, we make our dairy-based, and on occasion, vegan gourmet fudge in small batches in a licensed, commercial kitchen* in Maryland that complies with all state laws. We also use only FDA-approved packaging. Visit their website by clicking here.

Robeks Juice of McLean

            At Robeks, every choice you make is a good one! You can trust us to make delicious, good-for-you smoothies and juices using only the best fruits, fresh vegetables, and natural ingredients. We believe you shouldn’t have to sacrifice taste for a healthy alternative – or health for a tasty one. We make it easy and enjoyable to take good care of yourself.  Whatever you choose is guaranteed to be as nutritious as it is tasty and delicious. A small choice at Robeks makes a big difference. Trust Robeks to create hand-crafted, great-tasting, nutritious alternatives that will keep you energized and satisfiedVisit their website by clicking here.

Pacari Chocolate

            Pacari Chocolate is a multi-award winning premium dark organic chocolate and is the first single-origin chocolate entirely made in Ecuador. We carefully select the finest ingredients and work in small batches in order to bring you an unforgettable chocolate experience. All of the ingredients are 100% organic and produced according to fair and equitable standards. Each of our single-region, raw and specialty chocolate products is crafted to maintain the complex flavor profile of the Arriba Nacional cacao bean. We were the first Demeter biodynamic certified chocolate in the world and still one of the few to have it. PACARI is selling its products in 40 countries and has more than 30 different products which include raw chocolate bars; fruit, herbs and superfood chocolate bars; chocolate covered fruits and cacao beans, as well as high-quality bulk cacao products. PACARI is gluten free, soy free, dairy free. Visit their website by clicking here.

Sweet Twist of Ecuador

        Products are all made with chocolate from Ecuador.  We will have chocolate cookies with cacao nibs, chocolate cake with exotic passion fruit filling, chocolate bars, truffles with super foods, and chocolates with exotic fillings--all with an Ecuadorian Twist. We will also have chocolate ice cream with an exotic combination. Our main business is to offer ice cream flavors with ancient super food from Ecuador like: QUINOA, AMARANTO, CHIA, SEEDS, MACA, FLAX SEEDS, TURMERIC, SPIRULINA, AND CACAO NIBS. We add spices and real fruit, all 100% fruit, natural and real. Visit their website by clicking here.
The Capital Candy Jar

         After college Dave Burton pursued a career in retail marketing and consulting but maintained his passion for sugary treats. He continued making candy for fun and giving it to his friends and family.  In 2006 Dave moved to the Washington DC area. In 2014 Dave decided that he needed a career change and began searching for new opportunities.  After making Valentine's treats for several of his friends the answer presented itself, and The Capital Candy Jar was born. All of the candy is made by hand in small batches in a kitchen located a few blocks from the US Capitol building. The store sells chocolate-covered oreos and pretzels, chocolate caramel clouds, almond toffee bark, and fudge. Products are sold in gourmet grocery stores, gift shops, hardware stores and coffee shops all over the DC metro area.   View their website by clicking here.

Mike's Fudge

            Mike's Fudge is from Burke, Va and participates in many local school and community festivals. Mike sells delicious fudge in a variety of flavors including Chocolate Peanut Butter, Double Chocolate, Peanut Butter, Chocolate Cheesecake, Butter Pecan, Cookies n Creme, Pecan Turtle, French Vanilla. we also sell special holiday and seasonal flavors of fudge. We also make Wedding Cakes, Party Cakes, Cake-Pops ~ the Cake on a Stick ~ in assorted flavors and designsVisit their website by clicking here.

Sugar Mama's Ice Cream

            Located in Fairfax, VA, and Occoquan, VA, we're the only ones serving up delicious handmade ice cream. It's the old fashion scoopable kind we all grew up on. No soft serve or frozen yogurt here! Local family owned and operated.  You don't shut down in the winter, why should we? Ice cream is yummy anytime or season, especially chocolate.  Sugar Mama's is also sponsoring a Kid's table at this year's festival, where all items will be for just 1 or 2 tickets. Visit their website by clicking here.

BOSO Kitchen

        Rosalie writes: BOSO kitchen is a family-owned food business that I started out of a desire to create a residual income to finance an educational charity so very dear to my heart. I was born and raised in a sub-Saharan African country, where children cannot afford books. Most do not have school manuals, let alone books to read for pleasure. With BOSO Kitchen, my family can work together on a worthwhile endeavor, to find solutions for problems in our environment. The nuts that I roast in small batches with so much care. The nuts are a great snack, they are low in sugar and very delicately flavored with turmeric and chili. The use of spices in the recipes is worth noting. They are judiciously added to enhance the taste of the main ingredients and never overwhelm them. Roasted nuts include turmeric-chili almond/cashews,  turmeric cashews, candied red peanuts, and savory and chili pecans. Visit their website by clicking here.

The Chocolate Chick

            The Chocolate Chick is a small, woman-owned business which opened in Herndon, Virginia in 2003.  We serve the Washington, DC metro including Northern Virginia, northern Montgomery County through Baltimore as well as Washington DC by providing chocolate fountain rentals, candy stations, dessert design, interactive dessert stations, Dove Chocolate tasting parties and favors while emphasizing world-class customer service.Visit their website by clicking here.

2018 Participating Vendors

Seasons 52 Restaurant, Tysons

            Seasons 52 is a fresh grill and wine bar that invites guests to discover the sensational flavors of a seasonally-inspired menu and award-winning international wine list in a casually-sophisticated ambiance. For the McLean Chocolate Festival they will be showcasing many of their favorite chocolate desserts. At Seasons 52 we pride ourselves on offering our guests seasonally-inspired dining choices expertly designed to excite and surprise the palate (including delightful chocolate dessert treats), an award-winning international wine list featuring diverse wine selections that personalize the dining experience, knowledgeable, approachable service that inspires confidence, and a casually-sophisticated adult ambiance that feels inviting to all. Visit their website by clicking here.

Le Papiyon Chocolatier

           Le Papiyon opened its doors in 2014 and proudly serves the entire Washington D.C. and Metropolitan region. We specialize in the art of custom chocolate and event designs by seamlessly integrating beautiful, colors, shapes, textures, and patterns to create customized displays for every celebration. We work closely with our clients every step of the way to ensure truly memorable outcomes that every guest will remember for a lifetime. Le Papiyon takes custom party planning and delivery to an entirely epic level.  View their website by clicking here.

HoneyCakes Desserts

We are HoneyCakes Desserts. We donate 5% of our profits to mental health research and advocacy. We specialize in cocktail infused cheesecakes, mousse, and tarts in jars. Our desserts come with a splash personality, from Limoncello to Bailey's Irish Creme. We'll have cheesecake bites, 4 ounce jars, and large 7 ounce jars for sale. Visit their website by clicking here.

Marinucci's Gelato

     One hundred years ago, my family immigrated to the United States from Bologna and Abruzzo, Italy. My desire to create small batch artisanal gelato comes from growing up in the kitchen with my Nonna and mother. Until I went to college, I thought everyone spent the weekend cooking and baking together as a family. Sadly, the old traditions of home cooked and Sunday dinners at Nonnas gave way to new generations of packaged food and no dedicated time for the family. After 20 years as a banker and entrepreneur, I could not deny my passion for Italian food any longer. I was fortunate to find mentors in Italy who improved my gelato-making skills. I continue to return to the land my family came from and continue to learn and improve my craft. Sometimes it is the old ways that are the best ways. Hard work, attention to detail, and the knowledge of where your ingredients came from are the recipe for successful artisanal gelato.  We produce artisan gelato made fresh daily. A cup is $4 and a pint is $10. We make eclairs every day from scratch: traditional eclairs, chocolate eclairs, and white chocolate/toasted coconut and almond eclairs just for this festival. Single serving chocolate tarts are $5. Single serving tiramisu is $5. Tempered chocolate confections are from $1-$3. Visit their website by clicking here.

Veritas Artizen Chocolate

Veritas Artizen Chocolate is a bean to bar chocolate making company out of Purcellville, VA. They source cacao beans imported from Direct Trade farmers in South America and take them through the 9 step process to turn into pure chocolate. No oils or fillers used in any of their chocolate - only cacao and sugar for dark, with cocoa butter and milk powder for milk chocolate. This is the purest chocolate you will ever have. They sell 60, 70, 80, and 90% dark, milk chocolate, bon bons, truffles, treats, and for your Valentine, heart-shaped chocolate bars printed with a sweet edible message. Visit their website by clicking here.

River-Sea Chocolates

River-Sea Chocolates crafts bean-to-bar chocolate in Sterling, VA with the help of their mascot Coco the Sloth. All their chocolate bars use single-origin cacao from small-scale sustainable farms in Brazil, Tanzania, Peru, and Ecuador. Fine cacao and organic cacao butter paired with other organic, ethically sourced and local ingredients, less sugar than most other bar chocolates, and no flavorings or emulsifiers. Most of the world's cacao grows in coastal jungle areas influenced by the daily flow of the tide. The rhythm of a cacao producer's life synchronizes with the waves and moon. Beauty and reverence for these celestial reverberations, and the dance with nature that happens as the chocolates voyage by river or sea, inspire their products. Visit their website by clicking here.