Mark Sundberg (707) 499-7950

Coach Sundberg is home from the hospital!
Golf Meeting and First Practice, immediately after school at Beau Pre TUESDAY, September 5.

General Athlete/Coach/Parent Meeting:
    If you are not attending the Baywood tourney, or you are done, or you have a spare parent to send, there is a general sports meeting this Thursday, September 7th from 5:30-6:30 in the McKinleyville Middle School Gym.

  • Please turn in all completed forms to Ms. Nichols in the office ASAP
  • Athletes can only attend try-outs/practice once all forms are checked for completeness by the office. Current doctor's clearance REQUIRED.
Practice times:
  • Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday right after school at Beau Pre.
  • No practice on tournament days - THURSDAYS.

  • Players qualify each week for tournaments at the prior day's practice. 
  • Normally 6 boys and 6 girls are selected from practice to represent MMS.

Golf Schedule 2017

Eureka Muni (RANGE BALLS $4 for a token = 40 balls)