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  • Instagram

    Numerous parents and students have reached out to MMS with concerns about the Instagram account ‘MMS Leaks,’ a public profile with some very mean posts. Staff had checked in with the sixth graders who follow ‘MMS Leaks,’ however, in the last week the number of followers has doubled. Please visit our MMS web page for more information and suggestions for how you can respond.

    If your child uses Instagram, we suggest you have him/her show you how this app works, and take an opportunity to review profiles he/she follows. To report inappropriate content on Instagram (bullying, hate speech, or other concerns,) simply click on the '3 dots,'  then select 'Report,'  then select 'It's Inappropriate.' Enough reports result in Instagram shutting down inappropriate material. In this way our greater McKinleyville community can collaborate on guiding our youth toward the type of digital community that matches our values.

    Thank you for your assistance.
  • Our new system, called PowerSchool, will allow families to log on and check grades, attendance and much more.  It also provides families with a free app for your smart phone that makes checking grades from your phone quick and easy.   If you have any trouble signing up, come by the computer lab during Student Led Conference Week and get help from a staff member.  

School start and end times are as follows:
Start 8:00 (supervision 7:30)
Minimum day end: 12:55 
Regular day end: 2:05
Start 8:45 (Supervision 7:40)
Minimum day end: 1:45 
Regular day end: 3:11
Start 8:45 (Supervision 7:45)
Minimum day end: 2:00
Regular day end: 3:25

McKinleyville Middle School After School Homework Help Schedule:
6th Grade
Tuesdays:  3:30-4:15
Wednesdays:  3:30-4:30
Thursdays:  3:30-4:30
 7th Grade
Tuesdays:  3:30-4:15
Wednesdays:  3:30-4:15
Thursdays:  3:30-4:15
 8th Grade
Tuesdays:  3:30-4:30
Homework Help is hosted by a certificated teacher from the grade level team.  All students are welcome to attend, teachers expect students to work on assignments during this period.  
Specific room assignments will be posted in classrooms daily.

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