Welcome to McKinleyville Union School District

School start and end times are as follows:

Start 8:00 (supervision 7:30)Minimum day end: 12:55 Regular day end: 2:05
Start 8:45 (Supervision 7:40)Minimum day end: 1:45 Regular day end: 3:11
Start 8:45 (Supervision 7:45)Minimum day end: 2:00Regular day end: 3:25


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About Our District

Our district is made up of three schools including: Dow’s Prairie which serves students in Transitional Kindergarten through 2nd grade; Morris Elementary which serves students in 3rd through 5th grades, and McKinleyville Middle School which serves students in 6th through 8th grades.

Our schools have a long history of providing an excellent educational program for our students.  The district formed in 1951 with a union between Washington School District and Dow's Prairie School District.  Since that time, there have been eight different superintendents serving the students, staff and families of our great community. 

 I am honored to join this great district as the ninth superintendent carrying out the vision of the district ~ a community committed to maximizing every student’s success!

In 2001, the visionary Governance Team decided to become a language immersion district.  Spanish was adopted as the second language students would have the opportunity to learn.  The program began with only the kindergartners at Morris spending a large portion of their day being taught the curriculum in Spanish.  Each year an additional grade level was added.  Parents had the choice to enroll their students into the language immersion program, or the traditional program.  Fifteen years later the language immersion program is alive and strong in MUSD and is offered from kindergarten through fifth grades.  At the middle school, students are offered Spanish as a course of study, but learn their core subjects in English.  

We have 1,150 students enrolled in the district.  In addition to being a language immersion district, we also provide a vast array of enriched learning opportunities for all students.  We recently adopted new math curriculum that is aligned to the New California State Standards.  We are also piloting two new language arts programs that our teachers are very excited about.  We support the arts through music and art instruction at each site, drama through a district-wide play, and our middle school is transitioning into a STEAM school, where a focus on Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math will be taught through integrating the curriculum.  

We have strong partnerships with our community including our local high school.  Through a grant from the Cowell Foundation, our middle school aligned the math curriculum with the high school.  The grant also provided dollars for us to hire instructional coaches. These coaches support our teachers to help students attain the necessary skills to be prepared for college, career and beyond.

All three of our schools are award winning schools.  McKinleyville Middle School has been on the Schools to Watch list for the past twelve years.  Morris and Dow’s Prairie have both earned Distinguished Schools Awards with Dow’s Prairie also being designated as a Blue Ribbon School.  Our principals would love to meet you and your child and show you around our schools, and I am available to answer any additional questions you may have.  I can be reached at (707) 839-1549.  Thank you for your interest in McKinleyville Union School District.


Jan Schmidt