Bluebonnet Books


Ready for a challenge? To join in the fun:

1. Read 5 of the 20 books on the bluebonnet reading list. Reading is fun, choose books you are interested in and that look right for you.

2. Complete a book response form OR video online for 5 or more books.

3. That's it! You get to check out an extra book all year and come to the book voting party in December. Responses are due by December 15th to attend the voting celebration.

Repeat each year - 20 great new books are selected for the list every school year. Texas students have been reading and voting on bluebonnet books since 1981!

WANT to COMPLETE a book response?

Record a video or complete a written response. You choose how you'd like to share your thoughts.

VIDEO RESPONSES: Visit For "Enter ID" type "books" not your ID number.

WRITTEN RESPONSES: Use the form below or click here.

Have you completed 5 responseS? You get to vote!

Drop by the library to take your photo for the reader display & start to check out your extra books. Voters will also be recognized at Stampede and get to attend the voting celebration the week before winter break.

The Texas Bluebonnet Award is a project of the Texas Library Association created to encourage a love of voluntary reading. Since 1981, students across the state have selected a top title from 20 nominees to win the Bluebonnet Award each year.

Looking for a great book?

Try a past Bluebonnet Award Winner!