Parental Concern Procedures

If I have a concern/complaint, how can I best communicate it? 

Please follow the established chain of command: 
Order of Contact – Staff Member – Assistant Principal/CST Coordinator – Principal – Superintendent 

The Hampton Township School District Board of Education welcomes hearing your concerns and suggestions to improve our school. To better help you resolve any issues, however, the following guidelines are the best way to communicate your concerns: 

Issues concerning your child’s class or teacher. We are all involved in our school because we want the best for the children at Marian E. McKeown School. To that end, any issue concerning your child, their class, their teacher or their particular program should first be addressed with the classroom teacher. We value an open and honest dialogue between our parents and our staff members. If you cannot satisfactorily resolve the issue at that level then you should contact the building Assistant Principal or Child Study Team Coordinator dependent upon your individual situation. In the event that you cannot find resolution at this level please contact our building Principal. If your concern has not reached an amicable resolution or is more of a district-wide concern, then you should contact the Superintendent. Individual matters are only referred to the Board of Education after these channels have been exhausted. 

The Board of Education is charged with decisions related to policy matters and the majority of issues which do not have policy implications are managed and decided at the building level in collaboration with the school Administrator and the Superintendent. 

Thank you very much for following our prescribed method of concern/complaint resolution.