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1. What is the purpose of your web site?
  • Many people believe my web site is merely an overt manifestation of my need to be draw attention to myself.  Some people think this web site is a useful tool for students and parents involved in my classes.  Maybe they’re both right.  Maybe I just have too much free time on my hands and should find another hobby.
2. You have been known to provide little life lessons beyond class content.  Has anyone ever taken good notes on those lessons?
  • As a matter of fact, a recent student did just that.
3. Do you celebrate “no-shave November”, or “Mustache May”?
  • No.  I celebrate “Mo-vember” and “Manuary”.  Raising awareness this year, money next year.
4. How do you take your coffee?
  • Black.  I know it sounds gross, but its an acquired taste....like rejection.  I can talk coffee all day.  Coffee is the second most traded comodity in the world (oil is #1).
5. Is it possible to classically condition a human being to blush in response to a previously neutral stimulus, such as clapping hands or ringing a bell?
  • Yes.  I have actually succeeded in this a couple times.  I feel bad, but at least two people really understand how classical conditioning works.  I guess the important thing is not to raise your hand when I ask if anyone blushes easily.
6. How is E Learning going?
  • It's not the same.  Many times, as a teacher, I feel like I am talking to myself.  But teaching to a computer screen in an empty room really makes me feel like I'm talking to myself.
7. What’s with the sarcasm?
  • I’ve read that Sigmund Freud traced sarcasm back to the “oral stage” of development.  Its also linked with biting fingernails, pens, etc.  As a result of the age I was in the “oral stage,” I blame my mother; and you can too.  You can read about fixations and the “oral stage” in your psychology textbook and on wikipedia (the second best place on the web, first being www.MrMarino.com), and you might want to think twice when borrowing my pen.
8. Are you on Facebook and can I be your friend?
  • Yes and no
9. Who helped you construct this useful and interesting site?
  • I constructed this myself using my keen knowledge of computers and my quest to make life as easy as possible.  Shameless self promotion also helps this web page.  It has been published in two local newspapers as well as the Connections (MCHS newsletter).  I also won an award.  Then I had to move it to Google sites and it looks a lot less hip and cool than it used to.
10. Why was your dog, Jack, funny looking?
  • Well, Rebecca, he was a greyhound (RIP), rescued from the horrendous and shameful greyhound racing industry.  Because he has long legs, he appears awkward when laying down.  He can’t help it.  Greyhounds are thrown away in our society.  They make great pets and kept our house cat free (my wife has allergies and I just don’t like cats).  Although we no longer have a greyhound, we do have a rescue dog named Wrigley.  He likes rabbits and squirrels (but not in a way the rabbit/squirrel world would like).
11. You seem to know a lot about weddings.  Have you ever considered being a professional wedding planner?
  • I have attended 58 weddings in my life (I have a list).  I don’t know if I’ve ever considered being a wedding planner, but I bet I could plan an excellent wedding. 
12. What is your life like outside of MCHS?
  • According to my Tinder account, I like to golf and travel.  I have three children and two dogs.  I live in Minooka.  I like wings. 
13. Your web page (www.MrMarino.com) says you have been at Minooka since 1997, yet you seem so young and hip.  What’s the deal with that?
  • I stay young and hip by watching plenty of the Music Television, razor scootering, mountain biking, and I am a quite prolific “im”er.  Thanks for the compliment and “keep it real.”  Hey-O.
14. You seem to blame things on your mother.  I’m sure she’s a very nice lady.  What gives?
  • Mom, who taught you to use a computer?
15. By riding your bike to school, are you telling us you don't have a valid driver's license?
  • Not at all.  I ride my bike to work (1 mile) by choice.  I have both a valid license and a car.