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Class Expectations

General Rules

1.  All MCHS handbook policies apply

2. Participate positively in classroom activities

3. Respect others, yourself, and Room 152

4. Visit my web page (www.MrMarino.com)

How I Teach

  • Daily lesson plans can be found on my website.  
  • Lectures present information, students will be expected to take notes.
  • Class participation includes paying attention, staying off your phone, properly completing learning activities, and participating in demonstrations.  
  • Class time is provided for most assignments.  Not using class time wisely may lead to losing points.

Student Responsibilities:

1. Come to class prepared to learn physically (book, notebook, folder, pen/pencil) and mentally (positive attitude).

2. Pay attention (physically and mentally)

3. Complete assignments using the time given.

4. Demonstrate proper phone etiquette.  If you are using your phone during the educational process, you will receive a ZERO for the day's assignment.  It will be documented and recorded on PowerSchool.

5. When you are absent: 

    a. check web page (lesson plans) 

    b. read book section(s), take notes on topics missed, and 

    c. obtain & complete missed assignments (BOLD type = graded)

6. Prepare for class exams.  See my section on test taking for more information.

Grading Policy: (Grades are updated super-regularly on PowerSchool) 


Your grade earned in this class will be a sum total of points from the following elements:

1. Learning Activities and Assignments: Approximately 60% of Semester Grade (50% for AP MicroEconomics and AP Psychology)

Assignments not completed when expected may be turned in late, for HALF credit.

Check out my website for information on how to keep/get your grade up.

2. Unit Tests & Quizzes

Approximately 40% of Semester Grade (50% in Honors Economics and AP Psychology)

Each unit test is 50 multiple choice questions.

Test dates can be found on the class syllabus and the heading of the lesson plans.

Check out my website for test taking tips.

3. Final Exam

20% of Semester Grade (per school policy)

The final exam contains the final unit test plus selected questions from previous unit tests.

Academic Honesty

The work you submit with your name will be your work.  Assignments in my classes are meant to aid in learning the material, therefore, copying work does not help with the purpose and will not be tolerated.  Copying or providing answers to others will result in a “zero” on the assignment and other disciplinary actions outlined in the handbook.  Please refer to the student handbook for more information.  


Grades are updated regularly.  Everything entered into your grade will be returned. 

PowerSchool codes:

EX = Exempt from the assignment.  Student does not need to make up the assignment; it does not effect the grade.

NHI = Not Handed In.  Assignment needs to be made up, please see “lesson plans” page for details.  Also, consult the make-up policy in the handbook.  Late assignments are accepted with a 50% penalty.

0 = Zero for the assignment.  This can be for any number of reasons.  Academic dishonesty, misuse of class time, electronic device violations, and sleeping in class are some of the reasons.  The reasons will be documented and noted in PowerSchool

Make-up Policy and Procedure

“For make-up work, the student will receive the number of days absent from that class plus one day.  This applies to excused absences only. If a student will be out of the building for three or more days, the Deans’ office should be contacted.  The secretary will then contact the teachers and request work for the missed days.”  MCHS handbook.