Northern Ireland & Republic of Ireland: 

For Malone University, I created, organized and led the school's first Service-Learning trips to the Emerald Isle. While in Northern Ireland, students were given opportunities to serve and learn from the youth of Dundrum, a small town just north of Downpatrick, in County Down. 

Students stayed in the Murlough House (, a waterfront boarding house within walking distance to the town. The students worked with the youth of Dundrum by playing games with elementary schools children, relating to the teens in an after school program, having tea with the elderly of the town, and many other ways. 

Coming Soon: Information for future Service-Learning opportunities. On this page students will be able to access 
the applications in PDF form. 

Homeless Service: 

During the first year of my second master's degree, I began serving in a Soup Kitchen in downtown Atlanta. The experience was so eye-opening that I have tried to keep up the practice of getting involved whenever I can. Moreover, I encourage the students with whom I work to get involved as well. 

I encourage my students to also get involved by giving them a couple hours in a soup kitchen as a "Field Experience" they can complete in my class.