In the late 1980s, Peggy McIntosh listed some of the ways in which her race gave her an undeserved and unearned set of privileges in America. Unfortunately, McIntosh was correct in her assessment of white privilege, and for those who are not only white but also male and/or financially stable, the privileges mount exponentially. 

Therefore, I take every opportunity I can to play a part in reversing or reducing the inequalities present in higher education specifically and in society in general. I do this by using my own research and my venue (the classroom) to make students aware of the need for equality: 
  • Specific Classes: I was asked to teach the "Diversity and Multiculturalism" class for Salem Community College, in which we explore the nature of discrimination, the various types of it, and how to prevent it. This is one of my favorite classes, and its subject matter is among the most important in all of the college curriculum.
  • Classes in General: As a Professor, Teaching Assistant, and Student Life professional, I always make it a priority to welcome all voices, and I celebrate the insights that are birthed by each unique situation. Additionally, I try to encourage service projects by leading and creating them if they do not already exist. Finally, I have been active in urban efforts to serve homeless women and men, and I encourage students to do the same. When a student experiences what it's like to work at a homeless shelter or soup kitchen, s/he realizes more clearly the lingering effects of past and present discrimination. 
  • In My Work: I have presented papers at national conferences with the goal of exploring diversity in the academy. One of my presentations asked what the future looks like for theologies of liberation. I argued that liberation theologies can have a future even in what may be an increasingly post-racist or post-sexist society. I gave many practical ways in which using liberation as a general "motif" in theology (similar to the idea of "sacrifice") and education gives it a renewed contemporary currency.