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Year-End Reporting

We believe that an annual evaluation report is a critical element of the funding cycle, and is beneficial to the funder and the grantee.  The final evaluation rubric is a tool which enables us to reflect and grow by examining successes realized throughout the year, and that which did not work as well. The lessons learned can help assess the short-term and long-term impact on the population served, and can help shape the program for future years.

If awarded a grant by the McGowan Fund, an evaluation rubric will be electronically submitted 60 days prior to the due date.  When preparing your report you will reflect back on stated activities, outcomes or objectives, data collected and use of the data, and the timeline that was established during your application process.

Your report will be due 30 days following the anniversary date of your award.

Note: For grantees who received funding prior to our online application system please find the following link to the Final Evaluation Rubric. Thank You.