Video Tutorials

Using HiveSchool Teacher
Applications/Usages: Classroom Management, Sharing Resources

YouTube Video

Google My Maps
Applications/Usages: Virtual Field Trips Based on Events in History or from a Novel, Distance, Area, Explaining, Creating

Stop Motion Animation Using Google Photos
Applications/Usages: Animated Flash Cards, Story Scene or Chapter, Chemical Reactions, Processes, Problem-Solving

Changing YouTube Video Viewing Permissions on Your Videos
Applications/Usages: Any

YouTube Photo SlideShow Creator/Editor
Applications/Usages: Video creation, Story Telling, Synthesis, Explaining, Describing, Etc.

Applications/Usages: a tool for "crowdsourcing interpretation."  Users are invited to provide an interpretation of a text by highlighting words according to different categories, or "facets." Each individual interpretation then contributes to the generation of a visualization which demonstrates the combined interpretation of all the users. Prism as a tool for both pedagogical use and scholarly exploration, revealing patterns that exist in the subjective experience of reading a text.