Indiana eLearning Presents...
"Conference on a Couch"
@ Danville Community High School

Indiana Summer of eLearning
"Conference on a Couch"
Danville Community High School
Danville, Indiana
June 20th, 2014

1:1 Is JUST a Ratio… Is Learning Irresistible?

Session attendees will learn of a case study of a local high-achieving middle school and its staff who began the 2013-2014 school year barely having a notion of how to integrate technology into the classroom. Most of the 25 members of the teaching staff were presented with a challenge shortly after school began in August 2013 to simply “gain a presence on My Big Campus” and join their few colleagues who were already comfortable posting assignments to MBC. Soon thereafter, teachers began using multiple Web 2.0 tools, embraced the world of Google Apps for Education, started screencasting lessons, created “flipped environments”, and learning suddenly became irresistible for their students!

Attendees should plan to bring a device to access the tips and tricks utilized by the Cascade Middle School staff during the 2013-2014 to transform the way teachers teach and students learn. Time will be given to play in the “sandbox” with these same tools alongside some of the CMS staff members and Google Apps for Education Qualified Individuals who helped lead their own local revolution in learning.

Learning will not conclude after the session. Access will be given to resources that will enable attendees to gain the confidence, understanding, and proficiency to integrate technology into a classroom (or school) well before, during, and long after a 1:1 roll-out.