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Order Set Issues and Requests

MCCG is currently upgrading its Electronic Health Record ( EHR ) also known as the MCCG eChart. One of these major upgrades will be the addition of Computerized Provider Order Entry (CPOE).
Electronic order sets will be maintained by the Order Set Committee (OSC) and Forms Committee. These multidisciplinary committees will be charged with the review / creation of approved order sets, translating paper order sets to electronic form, revisions to created order sets, and to create archival and emergency downtime paper forms. To accomplish this, the OSC will use "service line task forces" to address the clinical content of an order set before it becomes electronic.

Both committees will report to the eChart Steering Committee, the Physician Advisory Committee and the Medical Dept Divisions.
We request that that all new order sets be submitted as a spreadsheet (ex. excel). See the following example and then use the template attached below it.

New Order Set Requests

Requests to Edit / Change a Current Order Set