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Mr. Freeman's webpage is designed to keep students and parents updated with class information. 

The current courses I teach at Murray County Central are the following: 

Fall 2018: 
Block 2: 8th Grade Civics 
Block 3A: High School American Government 
Block 3B: College Now American Government 
Block 4A: College Now Sociology 
Block 4B: High School Sociology 

Spring 2018: 
Block 1,2,3: 10th Grade American History 

All courses have a copy of the course syllabus and calendar of due dates. Most courses use Google Classroom, where students can access all printed material in electronic form. Parents can access Google Classroom to view daily schedule/objectives, assignments, and grades. If you have any questions or concerns please contact me by email or phone. 

Patrick Freeman 
Secondary Social Science Teacher 
507-836-6184 ext. 

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