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End of 1st Grading Period- Oct. 24
End of 2nd Grading Period- Jan. 8
End of 3rd Grading Period- Mar. 13
End of 4th Grading Period- May 29

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Link to Student Handbook

This handbook is a GUIDELINE. It may not be identical to any particular year's handbook. Also, this copy has been modified to highlight what junior high students should know. It does not constitute a final copy of any year's handbook because each year is subject to change due to board approval. Students will have access to each year's actual handbook at the beginning of each school year.


Welcome to Mr. Cook's website for Mechanicsburg Schools.

Use the links on the top of this page or below to go to different pages to find what you need or want to see.

Here is a brief explanation of what you will find on this site:
  • Books for Classes- This page has links to all of the guided reading books with their vocab lists, work pages, and journal entry information
  • Book Check List- This page is for students to check books out of Mr. Cook's classroom Library.
  • Lessons- This page has some recorded lessons of items that were covered in class. It is great for someone who may have been absent or who want reminders of what we covered.
  • Common Core Page- This page has a link to all of the new standards. On this page, you will find links to many of the new ways we will be doing things.
  • Reading Log- This is an online version of the weekly reading logs that students are required to complete. 
  • OAA YAY!- This page has OAA practice passages and tests. Some will be assigned and some are pure practice.

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