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Science Team

About Sixth Grade Science

Generally, both sixth grade science classrooms are teaching the exact same content.  The delivery will be 
different based on each teacher's personal style and the needs of the students in the classroom.  Some days the 
homework will be the same for each class and on other days the homework may be different.  Ms. Gentes, 
and Ms. Alfano work closely to ensure that all students reach the same learning targets.  We develop curriculum together. 

Current Unit

Engineering through the Lens of Bridges and Bridge Building
  • Exploring the engineering design cycle by building paper airplanes and bridges.
  • Five forces that can effect structures - tension, compression, torsion, shear and bending.
  • Identifying the three different bridge types, and discovering the advantages and disadvantages of each.
  • Engineering failures - How? Why? Who (if anyone) is to blame?  What would you do differently?