High School Transition

Public School Information

    Registration Process
  • Pre- registrations forms need to  be filled out online at www.framingham.k12.ma.us by clicking on the Registration Blackboard icon or can be obtained at the Parent Information Center.
  • Once forms are filled out you will receive an email or letter with  you appointment dates and time. These appointments at PIC will occur during the month of April.
  • Studetns need to attend these meetings and you must bring the course selection forms with you to the meeting.


Parent Information Center:
Phone Number: 508-424-3420
Address: 454 Water Street

Natick Guidance Department
  • Studetns will meet with counselors from Natick High school and to talk about general information and to learn more about electives. Students will chose electives with thier 9th grade guidance counselor.
  • The course selection forms are then given to Ms. Shapiro and she distributes them to teachers so they can give thier course level recommendations. After these are complete students will be given then form to be rbought home for a parent signature.
  • Natick places a high value on teacher recomendaitons and if a student would like to take a higher level class then they are recpmmended form they must fill out an override form which can be obtained from Ms. Shapiro.
  • Once these forms are brought back to Ms. Shapiro they are mailed back to Natick to be placed in the scheduling system.

Students will recive thier course selection forms in the mail. They must bring these forms in to have their teachers fill out thieir recommendations. They should be given first the math teacher since the level of math determines which scince class they will go into.


Once the recommendations have been made my all teachers the forms will be handed back to the students and they will fill in their elective choices. Students can take 2 half year courses or 1 full year course. They should also chose 2 back up choices and number them in the order of preference.

Northborough/Southborough High School