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Because of the intensive nature of the A K Smith Culinary Arts Program, absences jeopardize a student’s ability to complete successfully his/her studies. If, for some critical reason, a student finds it necessary to be absent, late, or to leave early, it is the student’s responsibility to notify Chef Bridges and make up all work missed. The course is three periods. 9 absences (27 class periods) will result in a failing grade. Chef Bridges will always give the student the opportunity to make up for missed class, but it is the student’s responsibility to empower themselves by seeking those opportunities first.

Our curriculum is designed to prepare students to enter the marketplace with advanced skills. The purpose of the course is two-fold; we want students to leave with a command of the kitchen, but we also want to discipline students in a way that leads to becoming an excellent and successful employee. The food service professional of today and in the future will need to process greater technical expertise. To that end, we will continue to develop an integrated curriculum that marries the culinary arts and the culinary sciences. Nutrition, Sanitation, Mathematics, Food Chemistry, History, Agriculture, and Computer Technology, along with an emphasis on reading and writing will provide the sort of education for a superior Culinary student to succeed and thrive in the present and future of Culinary Arts. We also will focus on sustainability in the industry, organic gardening, local foods, and how to preserve the harvest.

The curriculum is also in accordance with all 10 State of Indiana Department of Education standards for Culinary Arts I, and all 9 standards for Culinary Arts II.

Students will be evaluated in the following ways:
-Written Exams
-Uniform, sanitation, and safety
-The Socratic Method of lecturing in the classroom and lab based on the reading assignments
-Practical Exams
-Serv-Safe Exam
-Lab participation and assignments


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