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Girls Guide to Marrying Well
A lot of articles for girls related to this mini-book are found on the website. You can fill in a fomr to download it here.
A very good resource for girls!

It covers these topics in a helpful and specific way for girls:

  • INTENTIONALITY “God has given women a position of influence, encouragement, and counsel.”
  • PURITY “Whatever your sexual history, the goal remains: Live from today forward like you’re planning to marry.”
  • COMMUNITY “Getting input from someone who’s further down the road is invaluable.”
  • CHRISTIAN COMPATIBILITY “We are encouraged to use wisdom, not destiny, as our guide when choosing a partner.”
Focus on the Family
Interview with Dannah Gresh
Pure Freedom is Dannah Gresh's Offical Site
The Walk of Fame vs. The Walk of ShameDannah Gresh at TEDxPSUDannah Gresh is a sexuality educator and best-selling author of several books on the subject. She has long been at the forefront of a movement to encourage healthy sexual choices and is often called upon to use social science and medical research to defend a conservative position on relationships in news media.
One of the things I liked about this book is her claim that girls have far more influance than they realize on the character of men.  Girls do set the standards for culture in many ways. From Product Descrition at Amazon
Instead of trying to follow the world’s plan for capturing the man of your dreams, Leslie challenges her readers to live a set–apart life and develop a Christ–consumed heart. She shares the secret to becoming a woman who is truly beautiful and irresistible to a godly man. From understanding modern guys and the plan God has for them, to learning how to treat and interact with guys in everyday life, Answering the Guy Questions will equip young woman with inspiration and strength to live God’s way in all their relationships.

Here's a couple of quotes:
"...every decision you make right now--big and small--in relation to the opposite sex will affect the purity and beauty of your future marriage.  So what kind of physical interaction is appropriate with a guy?  Here’s a great test question to ask in every situation:  If you were married and your husband was standing next to you, would he feel comfortable with your actions?"

"My dad once told us, 'Anything physical that you save for marriage will only be more beautiful and fulfilling as time goes on.  Anything that you experience beforehand will eventually lose its luster.' ... Instead of asking the question 'how far is too far?' God challenged us to start asking a new question--'how far can we possibly go to honor Him in this area of our lives.' "
I like that this book tells generally what guys are motivated by and what they are thinking but it also goes beyond that to coaching girls regarding things like eating disorders and understanding mean girls.
I use this book a lot to explain to girls what guys are doing and thinking.

From the Book's Website:
Guys will be guys. And now girls can know what that means! For Young Women Onlydives into the mysterious inner-workings of the teenage male mind so that you can begin to understand why guys say and do what they do. Exploring critical topics including respect, insecurity, appearance, physical affection, and the “tough and tender”-ness of guys, this book is also packed with “ask the expert” sections, quotes, and fun personal stories from guys in all walks of life. Why is he so visually stimulated? You may wish it weren’t so, but that won’t make it so. I don’t want to put on a front for him to like me. Actually, he wants your genuineness, too! This book will help you grasp how God wired the opposite sex so you can enjoy your relationships with them.
I haven't read this book but I believe it does a good job of encouraging women to grow and develop their own character qualities in the midst of living a full life.
"Of course you’re discouraged. You have good reason to be. Guys are growing up slower, with prolonged adolescence. They are unable or unwilling to commit to a relationship. They are passive and directionless regarding their life but passionate for video games and addicted to porn. I would be discouraged too by the state of the modern male. Yes, the pickens are slim. That is why I wrote this book. Great guys still exist and they want a great woman - just like you. Unfortunately, the smaller number of princes are mixed in with the masses of toads. How do you find your prince in the vast sea of toads?

If you follow conventional wisdom and current dating practices you will likely be spending unfortunate time with toads while missing your prince. You might find your heart shredded in the process. However, there is hope.

The nuggets of truth and insight in Finding Your Prince in a Sea of Toads will leave you encouraged and optimistic. You will find a fresh, informed and realistic approach to relationships that will empower you and ease your anxiety. If you are fully satisfied and confident with your path to a happy lifelong relationship, this book may not be for you. You might, however, be naively ignorant of some of the long term effects of your short term actions."

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I've hear Candice Watters talk about her life journey on several podcasts.  I think she has some very good ideas.  One is called "pulling a Ruth..." I think. "Getting married is more than a lifestyle option or just something that would be "nice if it happens." Not only is marriage good and natural to want, it's what most of us are called to pursue.

That's the message of Get Married: What Women Can Do to Help it Happen.

There's a difference between making it happen and helping it happen. This isn't a book about desperation or the hyper activity of joining every dating service and singles group. It's not about making cold calls or tackling a list of 100 tips for meeting hot men.

Get Married is about living like you're planning to marry. It presents a lifestyle that esteems marriage, encourages men, empowers women, and embraces Christian community and a biblical understanding of what marriage is for. Most importantly, it shows women that marriage is a worthy goal that's within their grasp.

You can be content with where you are today and still desire marriage in a way that honors God. And there are things you can do to help it happen."
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Lots of resourses for young women organized by topics including Womanhood, Sexuality, Spiritual Life, Relationships, Mission, Home Front, On the Job, Life Stages, and News.

The website serves as a followup to a book by the same title written by Mary Kassian
Girls Gone Wise:
In a World Gone Wild

Mars Hill church: 
In Praise of Singleness

Heather Carlson is a deacon at the Ballard church

on Feb 10, 2012
“Why are you single?”
“Oh, I know just who I want to set you up with.”
“Do you not want to get married?”
“Whatever happened to John? He seemed nice.”
“Mars Hill is such a big church—don’t you meet a lot of nice guys there?”
“Have you tried online dating?”

Eww, shudder. I always seem to be content enough with my singleness until people start to ask these questions....