Words Their Way
(All Morrison Academy 2-5th grade teachers have this resource)WTW Professional Toolkit

WTW Training Videos Online: Watch online tutorials for help with WTW

Word Study in Action!  Ideas and structures for using WTW and other wordstudy resources

Thinking Strategy Instruction

Thinking Strategies reference site for parents and teachers.

Comprehension Connections:  Thinking strategies explained.  Great site to send to parents for at home help with strategies.

The Comprehension Tool Kit (All Morrison Academy elementary teachers have this resource.) 

Into The Book - Thinking Strategies resource

Like to Read- Lessons and information for the transition from a basal program(assign and quiz) to direct comprehension strategy instruction and independent practice

Mentor Text Ideas for thinking strategies

The Reading Ladygreat resource for all areas of literacy

Mosaic Group- Thinking strategies lesson plans, assessments, presentations, etc.

Thinking Strategy Filing Cabinet- Place where teachers have put links for strategy instruction

Language Arts Resources- Various resources for all aspects of LA 

Comprehension Strategies- thinking strategy resource for lessons and ideas

Reading Workshop 

Unit and Mini-lesson Resources

Reading A-Z - Multitude of leveled text and many other resources for reading instruction 0ne-on-one, small group and whole group mini-lessons (need username and password from Learning Coach)

Mrs. Meacham Classroom homepage (amazing literacy resource with units, mini-lessons and a multitude of other resources)

Hello Literacy (another page of resources and mini-lessons)

Literacy and Language (assessments, mini-lessons and other resources)

Literacy Frameworks:  Reading and Writing Workshop Units and a multitude of resources

Literacy Frameworks Revised
More Literacy Frameworks: Denver Public School Reading and Writing Units with emphasis on ELL instruction

NYC Units of Study Frameworks

Learning Pad:  Reading Units with mini-lesson (grade 2-3)

Mini-lessons for older grades

Reading mini-lesson Wiki:  a collection of mini-lessons shared by teachers

Reading and Writing Units and much more!

Steven Layne Presentation Materials on Writing and Reading Instruction

ReadWorks- lots of units, lessons and free passages for active engagement and independent practice

Columbia Teachers' College Reading and Writing Project- ideas, assessments, book lists, classroom charts related to reading and writing workshop.

Web Links for Students

Vocabulary and Spelling City. Com - Interactive website that allows a student to use their own words to practice learning them (matching games, hang mouse, word scrabble, word search, missing letter, and crossword puzzles) .

Starfall- Individual student reading site

Story online - books read aloud by actors (great for mini-lessons too)

Roy the Zebra- great interactive decoding activities (could also be for mini-lessons)

We Give Books- free books to use for read aloud on smartboard or independent reading on the computer(no audio).  Use Tumblebooks as well through library catalog homepage

Articles to Read

"New Horizons in Comprehension" by Ellin Oliver Keene. Educational Leadership. March 2010. Volume 67, Number 6. Pages 69-73.
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