CMSD’s PreK-8 STEM schools have taken a STEM academic 
approach school-wide to increase student achievement. Interdisciplinary project-based learning, combined with teacher professional development and the technology of Fab Lab, form the foundation of the STEM model. As CMSD’s platform STEM school, MC2STEM high school is leading the dissemination of STEM knowledge and pedagogy to the six schools.The goal is to create a pipeline of students prepared, knowledgeable, and skilled in all subjects, including Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. Students will be critical thinkers, problem solvers and prepared to reach their fullest potential. 

STEAM Festival 2013

  2014 Winter Showcase Document  Planning Document
 STEM 2.0 Webpage
 Jolly Network Meeting - STEM powerpoint
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 CMSD Urban Agriculture (HB59) >> Webpage

 Rockets and Robots >>  Website
 STEM: Future Forward >>Visit to High Tech High Network, San Diego
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 Smithsonian Institute >>  Website
 2013 Fall STEM Powerpoint >> [PDF]
 GE Sophomore Project >>Website
 Scaling STEM Presentation >> PDF
 ECA Science Kit Website


PreK-8 STEM Schools

Hannah Gibbons
School will focus on project-based learning involving real-world problem solving to develop twenty-first century skills that will prepare students for college and the work force of the future. 

Orchard STEM School's mission is to provide all of its students with equal opportunity to innovation, engineering and design principles, and stewardship within the context of cross-curricular, authentic problem-based learning units

Michael R. White
School's mission is to provide all of its students with a rigorous curriculum focused on cross-curricular project-based learning that involves real-world problem solving, engineering and design principles, and creative innovation in order to develop twenty-first century skills that will prepare students for college and the work force of the future. 

George Washington Carver

Mound STEM School
STEM Documents

Capstone Design is a four-phase approach influenced by the Understanding by Design approach (Grant Wiggins and Jay McTighe). All parts of the Capstone Design Process are founded on four key concepts pedagogy: Transdisciplinary Project-Based Learning, STEM Education, Community Partnerships, and Mastery Learning.

Capstone Planning Document

In depth explanation of the

STEM Project Cards

The project cards are a snapshot and reflection of our STEM projects. A card will have a front collage with pictures and example images of the capstone, while the back of the card includes much of what is already written in our Capstone Design Documents;

  • Big Idea Summary
  • Essential Questions
  • Teacher Reflection
  • Subject Area Benchmarks

Simply Cut and Paste language from Capstone Planning Document or PBL forms.

You can find example project cards within the Unboxed publication From High Tech High Graduate School of Education in San Diegio California. : http://www.hightechhigh.org/unboxed/back_issues.php

Upcoming opportunities

Great Lakes Science Center (GLSC)

Great Lakes Science Center offers a wide variety of programs to suit every classroom.  From bubbles to dissection, Great Lakes Science Center supports your curriculum with hands-on activities.  Link to our ‘Just for Teachers’ page for more information on student programs, special events and training opportunities.

Rock'n the Schoolsl: Schedule your field trip today and experience one of our unique K-12 interdisciplinary educational programs called Rockin' the Schools, which teaches students topics in music, language arts, social studies, science, and technology.  Each Rockin' the Schools program actively engages your students in meeting and exceeding Ohio academic content standards in the arts and other core subject areas.  These entertaining classes include demonstrations, performances, musical examples, videos, multimedia presentations, and student participation.  Visit our website at http://rockhall.com/education/inside-the-classroom/rockin/ for a complete list of class descriptions and materials.

Visit: http://rockhall.com/forms/rockin-registration/ to register today!

KeyBank Foundation donates $700,000 for Cleveland STEM student success

CLEVELAND - The KeyBank Foundation donated $700,000 to the Cleveland Metropolitan School District during a STEM school partnership announcement Tuesday morning. The announcement took place in the gym of the Hannah Gibbons-Nottingham PREK-8 School in Cleveland.

The joint venture is viewed by CMSD as a vote of confidence not only in Cleveland schools, but for the students who will take part in this new and innovative curriculum that's designed to increase their chances of attending college and leaving with a diploma.

STEM Articles 

  • Assessment for Learning Stiggins:"This teacher followed a proven set of principles of assessment for learning (Stiggins et al. 2004) that shows students what success looks like, how close they are coming to ...
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  • e-missions http://www.e-missions.net/e-Missions™ are simulated, problem-based, learning adventures delivered right into the classroom via distance learning technology. With the use of the Internet and videoconferencing ...
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  • Re-Engery.ca http://www.re-energy.ca/With re-energy.ca, students of all ages use detailed construction plans to build working models of wind turbines, solar ovens, hydroelectric generators, and biogas ...
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  • Engineering is Elementary website: http://www.mos.org/eie/ EiE: Engineering & Technology Lessons for Children! Problem Solving, Inquiry, and Innovation® The Engineering is Elementary® (EiE) project fosters engineering and technological literacy among children ...
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  • Seven Essentials for Project-Based Learning John Larmer and John R. MergendollerEducational Leadership September 2010 | Volume 68 | Number 1 Giving Students Meaningful Work    Pages 34-37 Link to PDF: http://www.bie.org/images/uploads ...
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  • How Kids Learn Engineering: The Cognitive Science Perspective The number of U.S. students who enter engineering programs in college is projected to drop, a trend that many believe will have a negative impact on the U.S ...
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  • Hanover Research   In this report, Hanover Research provides an overview of K-12 STEM education. The first section of this report provides a definition of STEM as it relates to K-12 ...
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