Unpacking Benchmarks
Capstone  Big Idea
Benchmark Alignment
Project Based Units
Essential Questions
Mastery Learning Goals
Evidences of Mastery
Description of Assessment
Performance Criteria/Rubric
Learning Activities
Sequencing of Instruction


Phase 4 covers the logistics of each learning activity within each unit (supplies, partners, etc.) and places each one in sequential order on our Project Calendar.

Learning Activities

Design learning activities to provide adequate scaffolding and differentiation to facilitate successful performance of the mastery learning goals

Entry Events
Community Partnerships

Sequencing of Instruction

Develop capstone calendar to illustrate cross-over and connections between subject areas and disciplines. We use a Google Spreadsheet to collaborate and input all of our classroom and project topics in real time. The calendar is set up as follows:

The project calendar is designed to shows a connection between the capstone project time and the content area classes for each day, which shows how projects are centeral, not peripheral to the academic content learning process. 

Joe Helpern,
Dec 13, 2010, 8:17 PM