Unpacking Benchmarks
Capstone  Big Idea
Benchmark Alignment
Project Based Units
Essential Questions
Mastery Learning Goals
Evidences of Mastery
Description of Assessment
Performance Criteria/Rubric
Learning Activities
Sequencing of Instruction


In Phase 3, the mastery learning goals are used to determine and developed various project assessments. These assessments are measured using a mastery rubric with a four-tiered scale: exceeding mastery, mastery, reaching mastery, and basic.

Evidences of Mastery
Determine how students will demonstrate achievement of desired results
Determine end products
Determine how students will reflect on their learning

*Performance assessments

*Additional assessments

Description of Assessment
Develop and inform students of unique and authentic assessment opportunities to drive relevance and instruction
Identify community resources and partnership

Performance Criteria/Rubric

The capstone’s mastery learning goals are deconstructed and represented in a rubric that describes clear, scaffolded performance criteria for the demo of mastery learning, as well as, learning that goes beyond mastery, approaches mastery, or is basic to mastery