T-Shirt Contest Winners and Announcements 17 September 2012

posted Sep 17, 2012, 4:44 PM by Unknown user
The moment you've all been waiting for... the big announcement... 
Congratulations to Christian McElveen for his winning design (and punny joke)!
The design, seen in the home page slideshow, entertained the SMACS members present, and was selected to represent the attitude of the SMACS chapter at MC.

In other news, several things were announced at today's meeting:

First, the SMACS is ordering ACS study guides for the Organic Chemistry exam - this is the final exam for Organic Chemistry II. These study guides are ridiculously helpful for preparing for the exam, but they're like vaccines - for the most part, they're only helpful for those who get them early BEFORE they're exposed to the virulent pathogen (yes, that final can easily be compared to a pathogen, with the amount of devastation it can cause). So, stop by the Chemistry Office in MCC to pick up your copy as soon as they're in (you'll be informed when they arrive). 

Also, we've decided that there wasn't much interest for the lab coats idea. So, if you want to order a lab coat for yourself, there'll be a link posted on soon as to a great place to order them from.

Perhaps the most shocking news is the amount of interest for the New Orleans National ACS meeting. More information will be provided as the semester progresses, but we'll be working on getting a group together to go to that. Dr. Rosado was pretty expressive about his excitement. Though it's hard to tell by his facial expressions, Dr. Selby was pretty excited about the amount of people who expressed interest in the meeting, too.

The Officers of the Student Members of the American Chemistry Society would like to thank our President for her presentation on Research Experience for Undergraduates programs. It was both informative and a conversation starter. 

More information will be coming as the semester becomes more conductive towards decisions. In other words... tune in next time!