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SMACS Spring Picnic 2016

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***SMACS Spring Picnic 2016***
When: Thursday April 21 from 4:00-6:30 p.m.
Where: Lion's Club Park.  

SMACS Spring Picnic

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SMACS Fall Picnic

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National Chemistry Week, Lectures, and More!!!

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So, it's been a while since we last updated the site - not for lack of things to do, though! Yes, during our silence, we've been planning and we're proud to announce some exciting new stuff!!!
First, there's a lecture coming up tomorrow, 15 October 2012, in MCC 402 (the lecture hall):

Why Does Entropy Have to Be So Hard?

Dr. Steven R. Gwaltney

Associate Professor of Physical Chemistry

Department of Chemistry

Mississippi State University

Monday, October 15, 2012, 4:00 PM

Germany Lecture Hall, MCC 402

Then, next week is that magical time of the year... Chemistry Week!!! We've got some great things in the plan for it, including our scheduled seminar on Monday, and our exciting new movie night on Thursday - Sweeny Todd, since it is Halloween! Check back for the full schedule!!!

T-Shirt Contest Winners and Announcements 17 September 2012

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The moment you've all been waiting for... the big announcement... 
Congratulations to Christian McElveen for his winning design (and punny joke)!
The design, seen in the home page slideshow, entertained the SMACS members present, and was selected to represent the attitude of the SMACS chapter at MC.

In other news, several things were announced at today's meeting:

First, the SMACS is ordering ACS study guides for the Organic Chemistry exam - this is the final exam for Organic Chemistry II. These study guides are ridiculously helpful for preparing for the exam, but they're like vaccines - for the most part, they're only helpful for those who get them early BEFORE they're exposed to the virulent pathogen (yes, that final can easily be compared to a pathogen, with the amount of devastation it can cause). So, stop by the Chemistry Office in MCC to pick up your copy as soon as they're in (you'll be informed when they arrive). 

Also, we've decided that there wasn't much interest for the lab coats idea. So, if you want to order a lab coat for yourself, there'll be a link posted on soon as to a great place to order them from.

Perhaps the most shocking news is the amount of interest for the New Orleans National ACS meeting. More information will be provided as the semester progresses, but we'll be working on getting a group together to go to that. Dr. Rosado was pretty expressive about his excitement. Though it's hard to tell by his facial expressions, Dr. Selby was pretty excited about the amount of people who expressed interest in the meeting, too.

The Officers of the Student Members of the American Chemistry Society would like to thank our President for her presentation on Research Experience for Undergraduates programs. It was both informative and a conversation starter. 

More information will be coming as the semester becomes more conductive towards decisions. In other words... tune in next time!

Upcoming Events and Membership

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The Fall Picnic might be over (and what a blast it was!), but the SMACS work is just beginning! In the upcoming month, we have the conclusion of our T-shirt design contest and our first presentation of the year. SMACS membership forms are avaliable online in the document section, or in the Chemistry Department office, or, outside the ACS Room (Hederman 406).

And speaking of the ACS Room... members of SMACS get a golden (read:brass alloy) key to this magical room - the ulitmate place for studying and relaxing. Equipped with a mini-fridge, a microwave, a Keurig coffee system, three classroom-size white boards, markers, tables, recliners, and all the left-over spoils of events such as the Fall Picnic (food, drink, etc.), this room is a steal for the measly price of $20, or $18 with last year's key. So, join the SMACS today! It's well worth the price of admission!

Pictures of the fall picnic will be available online in a few days. Keep an eye out for that!

Chemistry Department Picnic Rescheduled! September 6, 2012

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Due to the threat of bad weather this Tuesday, the Chemistry Department Picnic has been rescheduled for Thursday, September 6th. That gives you even more time to plan what to wear, who to talk to, and how late to arrive (trust me, fashionable ends well before two hours late). After all, this is THE social event of the season! See you there!

Monthly Seminar Lectures - Sept. 17, Oct. 15, Nov. 19

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SMACS is proud to offer our members and the student body in general the opportunity to explore in depth the wonders of the natural world from a chemical view. This semester, we are offering a series of three lectures, one on every third Monday of the month, designed to enlighten students about the world of chemical research, as well as the world of chemical professions and graduate studies. Our first lecture is on September 17, and will be presented by our president, Annaclaire Hall, on the subject of her research over the past year under Dr. Selby.

The next lecture, scheduled for October, will be an introduction of all the research faculty's works. This will span the broad spectrum of chemistry - from computational to organic, a plethora of topics will be presented. This lecture is designed to inform students of research opportunities available to them right here on campus. Don't miss out on this exciting opportunity.

The final lecture is still being worked out, but will most likely feature the return of a particularly well-known student to give a lecture on his/her experiences as a graduate student.

All lectures will have refreshments provided - not that you'd come just for that... right? Also, rumor has it that some professors consider extracurricular lectures to be a bonus experience. Emphasis on bonus.

See you all there!

ACS T-shirt Design Contest August 27- September 7

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Have you seen the flyers around campus? Did you hear about it from word of mouth? Or did you randomly decide to hunt down the nearest art contest? Any way you did it, you've found the ACS T-shirt Design Contest!
The rules are simple. 
1. You must design the design yourself in a digital medium usable for t-shirt printing. You can make it in whatever medium you want, but the finished results must be digital.
2. Your design must be clean and neat - and appropriate. Designs with obscenities and vulgarity will not be considered. 
3. While not strictly necessary, as this is a CHEMISTRY organization, CHEMISTRY PUNS will be considered with extra... interest. 
4. T-shirt designs may be back and front, or just back, or just front - however, they need to include MC SMACS 2012-2013 in some form or fashion.

Once you've finished your design and decided to turn it in, email the completed design to, along with:
Cell Number
Email Address
Color(s) of the T-shirt you envision your design to be on

The winner will be announced on September 18, 2012.

This information will be used to contact the winner. And speaking of winners... who likes prizes? Well, it wouldn't be a contest without a prize. The winner of the contest will recieve:
$50 Cash
A free copy of the T-shirt they designed
The knowledge that an entire department will be wearing YOUR design all around campus

ACS Chemistry Picnic - August 28, 2012

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Come out and join the ACS and the MC Chemistry Department for fun, food, and fellowship with the MC Chemistry Professors, Staff, and Students. 
The Picnic is at 602 David Drive, here in Clinton (and really only a ten minute walk from campus). Dr. and Mrs. Parks have graciously agreed to host this picnic again, so it's a wonderful opportunity to learn about the Chemistry Department AND the London Semester Program.
A sign-up form is available in the Chemistry Office (4th floor MCC), as well as mini-maps showing how to get to the Parks' home. You don't have to be a chemist or chemistry student - you just need to know one. So, you have no excuse not to come for free food, homemade ice cream, games, and a general fun time (not to be confused with General Chemistry).
The Picnic starts at 4:00pm and goes until 6:30pm or later. 

As a special note, students who need service hours can volunteer to help set up or take down tables after the picnic. On top of getting service hours, you'll also earn VIP tickets to the food (aka. early access or take home dibs). Plus, you can garner good favor with the department... 

See you all at the Picnic!

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