Rush is one of the most exciting times on campus for freshmen and transfers at Mississippi College! Girls have the chance to get to know each tribe and decide which tribe they would like to be in!

General rush begins with rush skits where each tribe performs a skit based on their tribe personality. The rush girls then go to coke parties which are more like a dressy/formal type of meet and greet to get to know the actives of each tribe! To add to the chaos, the girls then go to a more casual meet and greet to different residence halls all over campus to get signatures from certain actives in each tribe. Finally, the future pledges fill out their cards on pref day to determine which tribe they will be in!

After pref day, girls become pledges of their respective tribes for about six weeks. These 6 weeks are filled with fun activities including a skit competition with the other pledge classes! The events' purposes are for the girls to get to know other girls of their pledge class and the rest of their sisters in the tribe!