You may ask..."How do boys get into Kissimee?"...Well, each tribe has what we like to call our Beaux. Each pledge class picks a young man in their freshman/transfer class to be their Beau. This young man must have certain qualities such as making you laugh or just simply being nice to you. The one thing that a Kissimee Beau has is the ability to defend and protect each girl in the tribe whether she is in his pledge class or not. Each young man remains a Kissimee Beau for his entire time at MC.

Senior Beau - Trey Malone
 Senior Beau, Trey, celebrated his wedding to our beautiful Allie in August. They are expecting a bundle of joy soon!

 Junior Beau - Jamie Sexton

Our Junior Beau, Jamie, is an English writing major who hails from Dothan, AL. He is the perfect example of a gentleman who is always willing to talk to and, most importantly, listen kindly to his sisters when they are in need.
 Sophomore Beau - Bryce Murray
Sopohmore Beau, Bryce, is our shy guy (though you can't tell it from this picture!). He prefers not to talk in front of people, but when he does he always has something sweet and funny to say. Bryce is a computer science major who is dear to our hearts.

Freshman Beau - Drew Williams

 Our freshman Beau, Drew, is an MK who comes to us from Indonesia! He, like Jamie, is an English major. He's kind of a goofball, but he is serious about his relationship with God. If it's a nice day out, you can probably find him sitting in a tree reading or just enjoying God's creation. He can be recognized by his flip-flops and his shorts. ALWAYS. Long pants? Who needs 'em? :-)