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Staff MemberPositionLesson Plan PageWeb Page LinkE-Mail Address
Staff MemberPositionLesson Plan PageWeb Page LinkE-Mail Address
Avery, Marilee Elementary Art Mrs. Avery's Lesson Plan Mrs. Avery's Website 
Betts, Elizabeth Band Director Mrs. Bett's Lesson Plans 
Blythe, Matt Athletic Director 
Blythe, Stacy E.L. Principal 
Boteler, Kiki Elem Librarian  Elementary Library Webpage 
Bourquin, Kelcie Spanish Teacher Ms. Bourquin's Lesson Plans 
Brashears, Caleb H.S. Physical Education Mr. Brashear Lesson Plan 
Bridgman, Sue 6th Grade/5th & 6th Grade Math Mrs. Bridgman's Lesson Plan 
Buser, Dan H.S. Math Mr. Buser's Lesson Plan 
Carter, Eric HS. Social Studies Mr. Carter's Lesson Plan 
Catlett, Sheri Bookkeeper 
Cole, Mark H.S. Physical Education Mr. Cole's Lesson Plans 
Daniel, Heidi H.S. Business Mrs. Daniel's Lesson Plan Mrs. Daniel's Web Page 
Davidson, Amy H.S. Science Mrs. Davidson's Lesson Plans 
Dunlap, Taylor 1st Grade 
Ebersold, Brooke 2nd Grade Teacher 2nd Grade Lesson Plan Ms. Ebersold's Web Page 
Ebersold, Jessica Kindergarten Ms. Ebersold's Lesson Plan Ms. Ebersold's Web Page 
Eggleston, Cindy J.H. Science Mrs. Eggleson't Lesson Plan 
Ellis, Brandi Agriculture Instructor Mrs. Ellis's Lesson Plan 
Elswick, Terra J.H./H.S. Special Education Ms. Elswick's Lesson Plans 
Estep, Amber Pre-K Teacher Ms. Estep's Lesson Plan 
Fitzgerald, Lorie 5th/6th Grade Reading Mrs. Fitzgerald's Lesson Plan 
Fitzwater, Jimmie 1st Grade 1st Grade Lesson Plan 1st Grade Web Page 
Flinn, Rodney EL Physical Education Mr. Flinn's Lesson Plan Mr. Flinn's Web Page 
Greer, Mike Maintenance 
Hahn, Jeff H.S. Art Mr. Hahn's Lesson Plan 
Heintz, Beth Elementary Special Education Ms. Heintz's Lesson Plan 
Heldenbrand, Lynne At Risk Coordinator Mrs. Heldenbrand's Lesson Plan 
Holden, Tiffany 3rd Grade 
Hutchcraft, Alan H.S. Principal 
Hutchcraft, Jacque 4th Grade 4th Grade Lesson Plan 
Hyatt, Jill HS Librarian/H.S. Publications Mrs. Hyatt's Lesson Plan 
Israel, Jamie H.S. FACS Mrs. Israel's Lesson Plan 
Johnson, Mike J.H. Social Studies Mr. Johnson's Lesson Plan 
Lewis, Andy H.S. Math Mr. Lewis's Lesson Plans 
Mann, Sharon 3rd Grade 3rd Grade Lesson Plan 
Marlay, Carla 5th Grade/5th & 6th Science Ms. Marlay's Lesson Plan 
Mazurkewycz, Ashley J.H./H.S. Counselor  Counselor's Corner 
Mazza, Amy H.S./District Secretary 
McCrea, Carol Breakfast/Lunch Clerk 
McCubbin, Melissa 6th Grade Language Arts Ms. McCubbin's Lesson Plan Ms. McCubbin's Web Page 
Millenbruch, Jasmine JH Math Mrs. Millenbruch's Lesson Plan 
Noland, Angie Kindergarten Kindergarten Lesson Plan Mrs. Noland's Web Page 
Orr, Katie J.H. Language Arts Ms. Orr's Lesson Plan 
Owen, Christina Title I Reading Mrs. Owen's Lesson Plan 
Pedersen, Ellen J.H./H.S. Language Arts Mrs. Pedersen's Lesson Plan 
Pulley, Mike HS Language Arts Mr. Pulley's Lesson Plan 
Pulley, Rachael 2nd Grade 2nd Grade Lesson Plan Mrs. Pulley's Web Page 
Rhoad, Catherine Custodian 
Rhoad, Donnie Custodian 
Rhoad, LaTeshia J.H./H.S. Special Education Ms. Rhoad's Lesson Plan 
Sager, Brian HS Science Mr. Sager's Lesson Plan 
Scott, Lorie Title I Math Mrs. Scott's Lesson Plan 
Shelman, Denise Elem Secretary 
Shifflett, Alyssa Elementary Counselor Mrs. Shifflett's Lesson Plan 
Smith, Alesha 1st Grade Mrs. Smith's First Grade Lesson Plan 1st Grade Web Page 
Smith, Robert Superintendent of Schools 
Snyder, Tana H.S. Social Studies Mrs. Snyder's Lesson Plan 
Stagg, Melissa Speech 
Steiner, Cherisse Para Professional 
Strong, Sheila Title I Reading Kindergarten Lesson Plan 
Sweiger, Jessica 5th Grade Sweiger's 5th Grade ELA 
Thomson, Lauren Vocals/Elem Music Ms. Thomson's Lesson Plan Maysville Choral Program 
Tinder, Debbie Kindergarten  Mrs. Tinder's Web Page 
Vessar, Rachel Technology Director 
Walsh, Tonya Secretary to Superintendent 
Waugh, Jennifer 2nd Grade 2nd Grade Lesson Plan Mrs. Waugh's Web Page 
White, Jennifer School Nurse 
Wiederholt, Rhonda E.L. Special Education Ms. Wiederholt's Lesson Plan 
Wightman, Tammy Custodian 
Williams, Brooke 4th Grade 4th Grade Lesson Plan 
Winder, Morgan Pre-K Para 
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