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Senior Project is a student-driven culminating course that encourages students to research an area of interest and complete a project and internship related to it. Senior year is a time for students to assess their current capabilities and work to professionalize their skills as they seek direction for their future endeavors. Senior Project helps seniors do this. With the MHS academic, social and civic competencies as a guide, students prove they understand the skills necessary for life after high school. Through the activities of the class, students hone their research skills, improve their writing, gain valuable presentation practice, and learn what it takes to manage and complete projects. In addition, students learn how to obtain an internship and then learn about the world of work and its requirements and rewards.

The purpose of this website is to showcase some of our students finest accomplishments.

If you have any questions, or would like more information, please contact the Senior Project Advisors: 

Jean LaBelle: jlabelle@maynard.k12.ma.us
Paul Orzech: porzech@maynard.k12.ma.us

What are MHS’ competencies?

By the end of senior year, a Maynard graduate needs to be able to demonstrate the following competencies:


• Communicate academically, professionally and effectively through writing and through speech.

• Demonstrate problem-solving skills, apply knowledge, think critically and creatively.

• Read for understanding in order to synthesize information and develop a coherent argument

• Access, utilize, and gain proficiency in evolving technologies to enhance learning and understanding


• Work effectively with others by listening, communicating, and collaborating while demonstrating respect, tolerance and acceptance of different perspectives.

• Act as independently functioning adults by learning to self-advocate, to demonstrate self-respect, and to make positive decisions 


• Become informed and active citizens.

All of these competencies are practiced in the senior project course. Completing a Senior Project happens in 3 phases:  Fall Research Paper and Proposal, Spring Project, and Spring Internship/Activity.