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Chemistry Research

Day 1: Topic Selection & Background Information
- Online Databases (basics): Science In Context (Browse Topics in Chemistry for potential project ideas)

Day 2:
Gathering Sources
- Online Databases (Science In Context exploration)
- Bibliographies

- Easy Bib and Bib Me

Day 3:
How and When to Cite
- Parenthetical Citations (Cheat sheet is available for download at the bottom of the page)
- Peer Editing

Popular Topics:

  • Steroids
  • Mental Illness
  • Snowflakes
  • Chemistry of Candy
  • Street Drugs
  • Pharmaceutical Drugs
  • Alcohol
  • Caffeine
  • Gunpowder
  • Nuclear Weapons
  • Food Chemistry
  • Beauty Products
  • Crime Scene Investigation
  • Addiction
  • Tanning
  • Toxic Waste
  • Energy Drinks


Books Available at the MHS Library:

Food Chemistry, by David Newton

From Gunpowder to Laser Chemistry, by Andrew Solway

Chemistry and Crime, by Samuel M. Gerber

Exposed: The Toxic Chemistry of Everyday Products, by Mark Schapiro

The Cartoon Guide to Chemistry

The Genie in the Bottle: Chemistry and Everyday Life, by Joe Schwarcz

The Basics of Chemistry, by Richard Myers

Biological and Chemical Weapons

Chemical and Biological Warfare, by Laurence Pringle

Chemical and Biological Warfare in Our Times, by Herbert Levine

Open for Debate: Chemical and Biological Warfare, by Karen Judson

Opposing Viewpoints: Addiction

Alcohol 101, by Margaret Hyde

Steroids, by Hank Nuwer

Drugs 101, by Margaret Hyde

Chemical Dependency


 Online Databases:

Science In Context

Global Issues In Context

Opposing Viewpoints

Environmental Studies

Science Daily
(Get all the latest chemistry/science articles available)

Science News
(Get all the latest chemistry/science articles available)

(Online Science Magazine)


Website Citation Tools & Online Citation Generators:

(Remember, use the MLA Format)

BibMe.org (Easiest to Use. C&P URL, and then find Author and Date) 

EasyBib.com (Also easy to use. C&P URL, and then find Author and Date)

NoodleBib Express (Advanced)
1. Scroll down and select NoodleBib Express
2. Select the "MLA" Format

3. Select type of source from menu (Web Site)
4. Enter required information.


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