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Here you will find health announcements, forms, and other information that we hope will be helpful to you and your family.

Let’s Move!

In order to help parents and students maximize their motivation to make good food choices and stay active, the Fowler School nurse will be periodically posting information from Michelle O’Bama’s Let’s Move! initiative.

To read more about this campaign and it’s goals, please check out the following website:


Future postings can be located under the Resources section of this page (upper left corner).

POSTURAL SCREENING Grades 5 - 9 Begin in March 

Please read the "MPS Postural pre notification letter" posted below for details.

Pursuant to Dr. Gerardi's Superintendent's Blog of February 6, 2015, Health Services is posting a very informative article entitled Demystifying Pediculosis:  School Nurses Taking the Lead.
We encourage all parents/guardians to take time and read the article which can help dispel many myths associated with this condition as well as explain the protocol Maynard Public Schools adopted at the beginning of the 2013-2014 school year.

In addition, please review the two other head lice related files at the bottom of this page
(head lice new protocol and head lice 101).

As always, if you have any specific questions or concerns, please contact your child's school nurse directly.

The annual health screenings for 7th grade students will begin in April 2016.
Body Mass Index, Vision, and Hearing screenings are State mandated and will be performed by the Fowler School nurse. Please read the pre-screening notification letter at the bottom of this page for more details.

VACCINE INFORMATION AND RESOURCES (Submitted by Alison LaBarge for her Senior Class Project, May 2015)
Parents please visit the following website full of resources pertaining to vaccines.

Health Services Department

Maynard Public Schools

 September Notes

 At the start of every school year a variety of illnesses begin to emerge (colds, fevers, stomach bugs, etc.). Besides frequent and thorough hand washing, keeping a sick child home from school is the best way to prevent an outbreak.

 We appreciate those parents/guardians who are being cautious and keeping their children home to try to contain illness and for adhering to the 24 hours/fever-free/without medication rule. Students should also be symptom free (i. e vomiting, diarrhea) for 24 hours and able to tolerate a normal diet before returning to school.

 Please remember to call your school’s absentee line everyday that you keep your child home. Try to be as specific with his or her illness as possible, i.e. “home sick with fever of ___ and cough” or “home with an ear infection”, “strep infection”, “pneumonia” or “home for a fever-free day”. This will help the school nurses identify clusters of illness and prompt preventative measures.

For parents/guardians who are concerned about the much publicized Enterovirus D68, we have attached a Fact Sheet provided by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health. Parents/Guardians of children who have asthma should especially take notice

 Lastly, as we approach influenza (flu) season, keep in mind that the CDC recommends that everyone 6 months and older get vaccinated for the flu each year. Please click on the following link for more information that will help you learn how to prevent the flu.


 As always, if you have any specific questions or concerns, please contact your school’s nurse directly.

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