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Facility Rentals

To request a rental of any of the Maynard Public Schools buildings or fields, please CLICK HERE to create your ShoolDude.com account.  

Once your user account has been approved, you may then return to this website to make your rental request.

Please see the documents at the bottom of this page for directions on creating your SchoolDude.com account and requesting rentals.

Rental Fees

Area                                                                High School          Fowler      Green Meadow

Classroom                                                           10/hr                   10/hr               10/hr

Library                                                                 25/hr                   25/hr                25/hr


Auditorium                                                        100/hr                  50/hr                 N/A

Cafeteria                                                            100/hr                 100/hr                N/A

Kitchen                                                                50/hr                   50/hr                 N/A


Gym (up to 4 hr- over 4 rate is doubled)      62.50/hr               50/hr               25/hr

Locker Room                                                      50/hr                   50/hr                  N/A


Field*                                                                  65/day               100/day             65/day

Alumni Field**                                                700/day

Alumni Field with lights                                 900/day

     *we have various baseball/soccer fields at each building

      **Alumni Field is both a football and soccer field with lighting available


custodial overtime fee***                               40/hr all schools

                The organization/rentee must pay a custodial overtime fee for events during a weekend, holiday, past 9pm on

                school days, or past 6pm on non-school days.  

kitchen staff fees                                             35/hr all schools

                    (kitchen staff must be present if kitchen rented)


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Jul 10, 2018, 11:30 AM
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Jun 1, 2018, 6:10 AM
Colleen Andrade,
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