Scholarships Awarded to MHS Graduates


Anne Duclos Memorial Scholarship

Anne Marie Morton Scholarship

Arthur St Germain Jr Memorial Scholarship : Arthur was a devoted Maynard High School math and science teacher from 1969 until his retirement in 2003. He chose to give to those who are interested in following in his footsteps

Bob's High School Heroes

Boys & Girls Club of Assabet Valley : In recognition of excelling members who display examples of high expectations. This scholarship is also awarded to recognize many years of commitment on the part of the recipient

Brenda Bowker Flaherty Scholarship : In memory of Brenda Bowker Flaherty, a Maynard High School graduate

The Erin Bradley Excellence in Teaching Award for Today's Suburban Achievers

Franklin J Boblak Scholarship

Fraser and Frances Forgie Memorial Scholarship

Friends of Maynard Football Scholarship

Friends of WAVM Scholarship

George B Glad Memorial Scholarship

George and Ann Lemire Scholarship

Guy Fowler Fund Scholarship

Halfway Café Scholarship

Herring Family Scholarship : In recognition of the staff of the Maynard public schools

Irving Davis Family Scholarship : Established by a 1932 Maynard High School graduate and his family. Irving Davis wanted to provide some extra funds to a hard working student.

John Walsh Memorial Booster Club Scholarship

John Walsh Memorial Booster Club Scholarship in memory of Virginia Murphy, Jack Hackett & Dave Herlihy

Karen Lee MacGillivary Memorial Scholarship : Established to recognize two WAVM graduating seniors who demonstrate the same commitment and dedication that Karen Lee did when she was a member. Karen Lee passed away in her senior year of high school

Katherine Mary Kinsley Scholarship

Klemola-Glad Scholarship

Ladies of Kaleva Scholarship : The Ladies of Kaleva is a Finnish cultural organization that promotes Finland and its traditions

Lawton Family Memorial Scholarship : In memory of Edward and Sandy Lawton

Leo J Hayes Memorial Scholarship : Leo was a life long resident of Maynard, graduating in 1991. He was an avid outdoorsman who loved people, his community and his family. He would love nothing more than knowing he is still giving back to Maynard

LeSage Family 5 Wood Scholarship

Maynard Area Auto Club Scholarship : Geared toward car hobbyists who want to promote the education of technically or engineering focused graduating students

Maynard Business Alliance Scholarship

Maynard Education Association Scholarship : Awarded to a graduating son or daughter whose parent is a Maynard Education Association Member

Maynard Emblem Club's Scholarship : In memory of Doris Coakley

Maynard High School Athletic Hall of Fame Scholarship : In memory of all the past great athletes who have graduated from Maynard High School

Maynard High School Class of 1964 Scholarship

Maynard High School Class of 1965 Scholarship

Maynard High School Class of 1970 Scholarship : In memory of the Class of 1970 classmates who have left us far too early in life and to assist Maynard High School graduates in their next step in life

Maynard High School Community Service Scholarship

Maynard High School Foreign Language Achievement Scholarship : In recognition of four years of excellence in foreign languages

Maynard High School Scholarship

Maynard Lodge of Elks Scholarship

Maynard Music Association Scholarship

Maynard Music Association Scholarship : In honor of William Brisson

Maynard Police Relief Association Scholarship

Maynard Rotary Club Scholarship : The Maynard Rotary Club members are dedicated to serving the local community. We are pleased to annually honor a Maynard High School graduating student, who exemplifies the spirit of community and entrepreneurial character, with this scholarship

Maynard Youth Football Scholarship

Melissa A Saulnier Music Scholarship

Middlesex Savings Charitable Foundation Scholarship : A student in good academic standing who has made a commitment to community service and shown improvement during her high school years

Middlesex West Chamber of Commerce Scholarship : This scholarship is designed to recognize students in the Chamber’s footprint who support and advocate the promotion of business

Orchid Technologies Engineering Scholarship : The purpose of this scholarship is to encourage and support a student’s natural passion for exploration and the discovery in engineering and science

Pittman Basketball Scholarship : In loving memory of Michael Gary Pittman

Rafferty Scholarship

Rose McGowan Scholarship

Sawetz Scholarship

Stratus Technologies Scholarship : Stratus is pleased to award this scholarship to a Maynard High School graduating senior to assist in their pursuit of attaining their goals and furthering their education

Thomas and Athena Gramo Scholarship Fund