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Principal's Page

Contact Information: 
Mr. Charles Caragianes, M.Ed.
(978) 897-8891
Fax:  978-897-6089


Marking Periods:
Term 1:  August 29 -- November 2, 2012
Term 2:  November 5 -- January 25, 2013
Term 3:  January 28 -- April 5, 2013
Term 4:  April 8 -- June 12, 2013

Students' eligibility to participate in sports and other extracurricular activities is based on their quarterly (term) grades.  I review the grades of all students at the end of each marking period and determine what status each student has.  There are three categories:  Eligible, provisionally eligible, or ineligible.  The eligibility status is for the entire next marking period (about ten weeks/45 school days). 

To help clarify what each level of eligibility means:
Eligible:  The student passed every course.
Provisionally Eligible:  The student failed one or more courses, but passed the minimum requirement of four major courses for the term.  Students with provisional eligibility may participate if they agree to follow the school's monitored plan to help the student succeed in each course that they failed.
Ineligible:  The student did not pass the minimum requirement of four major courses.  They may not practice or play/participate in the club or sport.