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Clubs and Activities

Student Government
The MHS student government helps to run school wide activities such as Spirit Week and 
March Madness. They are in charge of set up and making sure everything runs smoothly 
and that every student knows what to do and has a fun time doing it.

WAVM is the MHS radio station. There are shows running everyday from 2:00pm-9:00pm. 
Each show is different and is run by students. We play music, talk, and even run things 
such as the Beacon Santa Telethon in December which is a 24 hour telethon which raises 
money to buy Christmas presents for underprivileged children.

A group of students who produce music and songs using only their voices.

Anime Club
A group of students who share a love of Anime & Manga. Members of this club watch Anime
after school, and put on an art show in the public library every spring.

Baking Club
Students who enjoy all kinds of baking and trying out new recipes.

Best Buddies
A safe place to make friends and meet new people.

Class of 2015
This years senior class who are beginning to plan their senior trips and preparing for 
graduation while enjoy their last year together at Maynard High.

Class of 2016
This years junior class who are beginning to look a colleges, planning the final details of 
prom, and preparing for important tests like the SAT's.

Class of 2017
This years sophomore class who are thinking of new ways to raise money for prom and 
further discussions about present and future events supporting the class of 2017.

Class of 2018
This years freshman class who are getting used to the high school environment and 
planning future events throughout their time in Maynard High School.

Class of 2019
This years eighth grade class who are adapting to the new building and preparing for their 
high school careers.

Cross Country Club
A group for students to join so they can get in shape and run for fun with their peers. They 
also have the option to compete in various 5K runs.

Green Committee
A group that promotes recycling and helping the environment. They also help to clean out 
the various objects that pollute the local river.

GSA: Gay-Straight Alliance
A club that welcomes and discusses all sexualities and promotes equality and acceptance 
for all.

International Club
Exploring and discussing different cultures as well as learning bits of different languages.

Jazz Band
A small group of musicians who meet on Thursday nights to play various pieces of jazz 

A version of "honors chorus", where the best singers get together and sing more advanced/
difficult songs.

Mock Trial
Students who join this club can enjoy debating different issues that could come up in 
today's courtroom, as well as reenact court cases.

National Honor Society (NHS)

Peer Leaders
This is a group of students who volunteer their time to help out in the community.

Wind Ensamble
A version of an "honors band" where the best most dedicated musicians in the band get 
together and play more advanced pieces of music.

Take pictures of the various clubs, teams, and students and put them all together to arrange 
the pages of the yearbook.

Young Author's Club
A group where students gather to freely write whatever they choose.

Young Democrats
Get together to debate their different political views on today's real life situations.

Young Republicans
Get together to debate their different political views on today's real life situations.

The annual production Maynard High School puts on each Spring.